BY SPNW Staff 09:55PM 10/20/2013

Rams, Seahawks’ next foe, lose starting QB

Sam Bradford, the St. Louis Rams starting quarterback, left the game against Carolina with a knee injury that reported Sunday was a torn ACL. The website did not report the identity of its source, but Bradford left the stadium in a full-length leg brace. The Seahawks play the Rams next Monday in St. Louis.

In the fourth quarter, Bradford was hit going out of bounds and appeared to pin his knee as he fell. Panthers safety Mike Mitchell made the hit and taunted Bradford after the play but drew no penalty. In a flag- and fight-filled game, Carolina won 30-15 as the Rams (3-4) had three turnovers, including a pick-six on Bradford’s first pass.

“It was terrible, just terrible,” Rams tight end Jared Cook told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about the Bradford hit. “I don’t think it was right. If it was any other quarterback I think (the refs) would have protected him. But who am I to say?

“I’m not saying it was a cheap shot, but usually when a quarterback is going out of bounds, or when they’re giving themselves up (you don’t hit the quarterback). So I don’t understand why in this instance it was different.”

Kellen Clemens, an eight-year veteran from Oregon with 12 career NFL starts, is the backup.

Another thing the Seahawks may not have to worry about is the crowd in the Edward Jones Dome. Game 5 of the World Series, if needed, will be played Monday night at nearby Busch Stadium between the Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox.

FB Michael Robinson back?

The Seahawks may re-hire fullback Michael Robinson, who had the job from 2010-12 before being cut just before the season began after he fell ill.

The Seahawks lost starting fullback Derrick Coleman to a hamstring injury in the second quarter of Thursday’s win at Arizona and have no other healthy fullback on the roster. Backup tight end Luke Willson, another rookie, has filled the spot on occasion.

Robinson will report for a physical Monday, the team confirmed. Robinson told KJR-AM radio that his illness, which cost him the final two exhibition games, was a “real bad reaction” to a prescription medication.

Robinson’s $2.5 million salary, the NFL’s highest for a fullback, was also a factor. Coleman and another fullback, Spencer Ware, are rookies. Ware is also out with a high ankle sprain suffered in Week 2.

If Robinson passes the physical and the Seahawks sign him, a cut will have to be made from the 53-man roster.


  • PokeyPuffy

    the second half of the season should be fascinating, with Robinson potentially back and others coming back from injury. Hopefully SF blinks and loses a road game (@ NOrleans?). Either that or we have a must win in SF.

  • jafabian

    Feel bad for Bradford, he’s been having the kind of season that was predicted for him when he was drafted. For the Rams sake maybe Clemens will be the next Marc Bulger but I really don’t see that happening. MNF will be great for Seahawk fans though!

    Would like to see Robinson back but curious as to why no one else picked him up? Maybe because he was cut so late and everyone’s roster was set but there’s been injuries since then. Surprised he’s available right now.

  • Hammtime

    Yeah, I too feel bad for Bradford and Rams fans (but great for the Hawks!).