BY Adam Lewis 11:44AM 10/29/2013

Lunchtime Links: Seahawks after Vikes’ Allen

Last night was awkward. On Monday Night Football’s national platform, the Seahawks couldn’t stop the Rams run, couldn’t establish their own run and couldn’t protect quarterback Russell Wilson, sacked seven times.

Yet, behind a defense led by safety Earl Thomas, Seattle engineered a last-second, goal-line stand and somehow beat the Rams, 14-9 at the Edward Jones Dome despite running just 40 plays on offense that totaled 135 yards. 

Afterward, ESPN TV analysts took aim at wide receiver Golden Tate’s taunting penalty, incurred mid 80-yard touchdown reception, when he raised his right hand and began mocking safety Janoris Jenkins for trash talking.

Some media analysts called the 7-1 Seahawks a Super Bowl long shot, others offered praised for winning a tough game on the road against an NFC West opponent.

Oh, and the Seahawks are trying to trade for Minnesota defensive end Jared Allen before Tuesday’s 1 p.m. trade deadline. Here’s a snapshot of what national writers are saying, starting with the report that general manager John Schneider is making a late push for Allen.



Or maybe not?


Sportspress Northwest distinguished alumnus Doug Farrar, now of Sports Illustrated, took a closer look at the final goal-line stand in his Audibles blog.

ESPN Stats and Information said Wilson was only four of 16 through the air when the Rams sent five or more rushers.

CBS Sports NFL writer Will Brinson gave the Seahawks a C-plus in his weekly grades. Too generous or too harsh? Seahawks reporter Terry Blount writes that Seattle isn’t a Super Bowl team with this offensive line.

Safety Earl Thomas is Player of the Game. Rams quarterback Kellen Clemens would probably have to agree.

The kids are into GIFin’ these days, so here’s a replay of Tate giving Jenkins the business.


  • jafabian

    Allen had 22 sacks in 2011, 12 last season. The drop might have been due to being double teamed after his big 2011 year. When I heard about this I thought 1) That’s quite an addition, but who would we give up? (I was guessing either Turbin or Michael) and 2) Is this deal to prevent someone from getting him? Like SF or Denver? After last night’s game I think the Hawks need O-Line help more. Veteran help.

    • RadioGuy

      I think you’ve got it. Wilson is getting his lunch handed to him because the linemen in front of him just aren’t good enough. Instead of trying to swing a deal for Allen, why not try bringing in one of the Vikings’ better O-liners instead? I can think of one who used to play a little football in Seattle, although that might be awkward.

      Whatever else, you still have to outscore your opponents to win games. But for one play, Seattle loses Monday to a team that only puts 9 on the board. That tells me defense isn’t the problem.

      • jafabian

        It’s possible the Hawks and Vikings were discussing either Tate or Baldwin but when the Hawks learned Rice tore his ACL they dropped out.