BY SPNW Staff 02:46PM 10/29/2013

Offense vs. Rams still baffles Carroll

About 12 hours after a bewildering win in St. Louis Monday, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll still sounded baffled:  “I don’t remember having that much trouble offensively in any time since we’ve been here. For whatever reason, that was the night that they were on it and we couldn’t do anything about it.”

The Seahawks won 14-9, thanks at least as much to the Rams’ mistakes.

“It was just a difficult night in so many ways,” Carroll said on his weekly show Monday on ESPN 710. “We just had to keep hanging and fighting and hanging onto the chance that we could win, and we did.”

The Rams entered the game 30th against the rush but but stoned Marshawn Lynch, holding him to 23 yards in eight carries. But on a couple of controversial play calls, Carroll said it was quarterback Russell Wilson who made the wrong read on the read option. He was stopped twice near the goal line instead of giving to Lynch.

 “Nobody was more frustrated than me,” Carroll said of Lynch’s low impact.We’ve got to get our ball right. We’ve got to get better.”
Carroll said that Sidney Rice had “concussion issues” after leaving the game in the second quarter, when he aggravated his sore knee. But Carroll was not ready to say WR Percy Harvin, out nearly three months after his surgery, would be ready to take his place for Sunday’s home game against Tampa.
He said Russell Okung ran Monday in the pre-game in St. Louis and is on track to return from his toe injury Nov. 17 against Minnessta. He said Breno Giacomini is “hopefully two weeks away,” reiterating that the right tackle made a good turn in his recovery from arthroscopic knee surgery last week.
As he did after the game Carroll said he was upset with Golden Tate’s taunting of Rams defensive backs during his 80-yard touchdown reception.
“That moment just captured him and he screwed it up,” he said. “I wanted him to understand that’s not who we are. That’s not what we do.”


  • sscooter

    There many problems but two main ones IMHO that made it “bewildering”:

    1) Seattle was out coached (some terrible plays calls at the wrong time mixed with some penalties and dropped passes); and

    2) Nobody to stand up to aggressive defense and some pride in protection except Lynch, who proved to be the best blocker on the team on MNF. There is a reason Carolina got in scuffles with Ram linemen…I wish Breno was back so a little attitude would prevail in Seattle’s O-line. Nobody seemed to get pissed off that RW was getting hit except Lynch.