BY Steve Rudman 11:01AM 11/12/2013

Richie Incognito A Seahawk? What’s Your Take?

The Dolphins have to reinstate Richie Incognito by Dec. 2, or release him. If he becomes available, the Seahawks could have a shot at him. Should they take it? Vote here.

Richie Incognito has been suspended “indefinitely” by the Miami Dolphins, but that suspension can really only last four games. The Dolphins will have to make a decision on Incognito’s future by Dec. 2. / NFL

While Richie Incognito’s suspension for conduct detrimental to the Miami Dolphins has been characterized as “indefinite,” under the labor agreement between the NFL and players’ union, it can last only through Week 13, or a maximum of four games. After that, the Dolphins will need to decide whether to keep the bully guard, or cut him.

Miami has limited options. The Dolphins can reinstate him to their active roster, or cut him – or suspend him again if he does/says anything else that further inflames the case involving Jonathan Martin, the beleaguered teammate in this story,who left the team.

Their absences contributed to a grim Monday Night Football appearance for the Dolphins (4-5), who rushed for two yards in a 22-19 loss to Tampa Bay — the Bucs’ first win of the season.

The Dolphins may decide Incognito would be too much of a public relations liability to bring back to their locker room, even if Dolphins players have rallied to his defense. If so, that sets up the possibility that Incognito could find a home down the stretch with a playoff contender.

Would another team be willing to risk the toxicity that would accompany signing Incognito? Answer: Absolutely. But it would probably have to be a Super Bowl contender that needs help on its offensive line, and one candidate comes immediately to mind: The Seahawks.

In Peter King’s most recent “Monday Morning Quarterback” at, he speculates on the teams that he can see “withstanding the distraction” that signing Incognito would bring. King mentions Seattle, along with New Orleans, Denver and Detroit. King wrote that a team signing Incognito would have to have “executives and a head coach with thick skins and a locker room that could see past the current controversy.”

Seattle is about to welcome back starting tackles Russell Okung and Breno Giacomini, with C Max Unger (concussion), a Pro Bowler, probably not far behind. After Seattle’s bye week (Nov. 24), the Seahawks should be at maximum strength on their offensive line. But even at maximum strength, the offensive line is the weakest unit and perhaps the biggest impediment the Seahawks face as they attempt a deep run into the postseason.

For Seattle, the window of Super Bowl opportunity is now, and adding Incognito, an All-Pro guard, certainly couldn’t hurt. Or could it? While he would clearly represent a talent upgrade, he could be more of a disruption than he’s worth.

What’s your view?


  • Zachariah Bryan

    Too much trouble. He’d disrupt the team dynamics. Also, I don’t think Seattleites need their otherwise lovely Saturday nights to be blasted by a dose of Incognito drunk raging.

    • art thiel

      On the other hand, Incognito, while a borderline alien creature, isn’t stupid. He wouldn’t even jaywalk in Seattle.

      • jafabian

        Might get himself banned from Bellevue Square though!

  • jafabian

    Nope. Nada. No way. The chemistry is too sound right now with the Hawks. I’d be willing to take on Martin next season though, but for the Dolphins to pick up half his salary in case he loses his interest in the game the way Aaron Curry and John Moffit did.

    • art thiel

      Somebody needs to ask him if he really wants to play pro ball.

  • tedsfrozenhead

    I would rather have Martin

    • art thiel

      He might be available, but would fill the limit of three designated Stanford players.

  • notaboomer

    isn’t milton bradley available?

    • art thiel

      He’s a littlle occupied, looking for metal files in his birthday cake.

  • Joe Fan

    Let him go to the 49’rs!

    • art thiel

      You know he would help kick Seahawks tailfeathers.

      • Paul Maggard

        naw he would make fun of Aldon Smith and Kaeperdick and make both of them cry yes go to the forty whiners of course he’s going to be kicked out of foot ball so it’s a mute point

  • BigDoogie

    Can we get over this story? I don’t care if millionaire athletes bully each other, especially if they are doing it within the confines of their private little club — the locker room. Incognito might be a d-bag, but so what? In that testosterone laced environment should we expect scholarly banter? I mean their job is to hit people.

    I am sure what goes on inside NFL locker rooms is not that much different than high school locker rooms and college locker rooms. In the NFL, the millionaires might take it to a new level now and then, but it is a blip on the radar compared to other problems this country is facing. This is a media driven problem. Big F-ing Deal.

    • steverudman

      This is now an NFL-driven problem. If it had no merit, the NFL wouldn’t be on it.

    • Sam

      Racism is not ok I don’t care if its a locker room, that why every analyst on ESPN is right, this guy is a racist and bigot and should be kicked out.

  • BigDoogie

    As to the poll question — I wouldn’t pick him up for two reasons: They don’t need him now that the substitute offensive linemen appear to be finally “getting it” and the guys they replaced apparently all on the verge of coming back.

    And secondly, the two Stanford guys on the team (Baldwin and Sherman) have already condemned Incognito. It would be awkward shoving this guy in their faces in light of how those guys feel, while the phony baloney controversy boils on with feigned media outrage.

    Besides, the guy isn’t even available yet.

    • steverudman

      Thanks for that contribution. Excellent points.

  • Anon

    Clickbait scum.

  • Guy K. Browne

    If this is a serious consideration I think you put it to the players. Let them have a closed door meeting to discuss the merits, and then decide if the risk is worth the possible reward, and if the players of color can look past the racial slurs that appear to be central to the story. Once the discussion takes place, they have a team vote, no names on ballots – yes or no. Unanimous yes, then it’s worth consideration. Anything less than unanimous would be considered too risky for the current chemistry.

    • art thiel

      Not sure I’ve heard a pro sports team run as a democracy. A coach might ask a senior leader or two, but it’s not feasible to build a team on player voting.

      Although the big majority of pro athletes I’ve met are quality guys, you might be surprised if the curtain gets pulled back on some.

  • Will

    In reasonably literate Seattle, would Richie be a noun, adjective or adverb?

    • art thiel


  • Paul Maggard

    HELL TO THE NO NOT AT ALL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE WOULD WE EVER WANT HIM ON OUR TEAM.with that said yes bring him here let him try that shit with Russell Okung see how fast he gets knocked on his stupid ass then cut him immediately after that that really wont matter anyways cause the league will most probably and should 100 percent 86 him from the league for life make a strong statement against POS punks like him

    • Willis Swegle

      When you say WE and OUR TEAM you imply that you represent all the fans opinions. Not all the Seahawk fans feel the same as you do.

  • Paul Maggard

    oh and your an idiot writer the O-line is great when healthy

  • Matt712

    This whole idea of chemistry on the Seahawks is a myth. If it were’t do you think Mike Rob would’ve been cut? Do you think Sydney Rice and Brandon Browner will be back next season? The only Real chemistry at work on this team consists of three ingredients: Pete Caroll, John Schneider, and talent.

    If Richie Incognito had something Pete and John think they need, then we might very well see that goofy bastard in blue & green. And you, I and Steve Rudman, and the Seahawks would all say, “Next man up!”

    This is a business and the Hawks are in business to win. Ya want chemistry? Walk down the street to Safeco and talk to McLellen or McLaren or McClendon or whoever that guy is. It’s been a cole weeks now; I’m sure he’s getting a feel for chemistry by now.

  • mindful

    I want a Superbowl win now! not decades from now. If he will help us win it. Who cares if he is a jerk? We in the pacific northwest been to relax to long. . Think a team like the Yankee’s would let a player like him slide off there radar? Heck if he on the waivers or a FA. This year only. Just get him so another contending team can not get him and keep him bench unless to many injuries. Then you play him. .

  • Totherightofcenter

    Ah the press. In such a hurry to be PC. Here are some facts that you don’t hear. 1. Martin’s replacement was brought in a week before he left. 2. Martin has played poorly all season. 3. The Email was from last April. 4. All of Martin’s comments have been delivered by anyone but him.

    • Justin Van Eaton

      Doesn’t make Incognito any less of a d-bag though.

  • Pixdawg13

    Hawks don’t need dirty players–and this is the dirtiest player in the game.

  • sabasarge


  • A

    I’d rather have Jonathan Martin

    • Todd W

      Not this.

  • zigzags

    Not sure if anybody’s noticed, but our O-line, missing 3/5ths of its starters, has been doing pretty damn well the last couple of weeks.

    Now that Cable/Bevell have stopped dithering with all the long passing routes that take forever to develop, and gone back to the smashmouth run game that plays to the strengths of our offense, we’ve seen much better play from the line. Plus we get Okung and Giacomini back soon.

    No need to add a cancer to the locker room. Incognito’s a punk. Let him ruin somebody else’s team.

  • Justin Van Eaton

    I don’t want either guy. Incognito is a distraction, and should we make it to the subpar bowl, those distractions get amplified (see: Stevens, Jeremy). Instead of answering questions about the game, our guys would be answering questions about Incognito. No Thanks. And as for Martin, frankly, I’m not sure he has that inner fire fire you need to really make it in the NFL. The NFL is brutal, especially for lineman, and if you aren’t really driven to make it, you probably won’t last (see: Moffitt, John).

  • NYBankruptcyLawyer1 .

    Taking Incognito could turn out to be a brilliant move. After seeing his tv interview I get a sense he really would try and redeem himself. Most of his Dolphin teammates support him and see him as one of their team leaders which makes me think he would adapt well to Seattle.

    Incognito’s really embarrassed and is desperate to stay in the league and he understands one more screw up would end it for him. Picking him up is an option worth kicking around.

  • WillJamison

    I’m sorry, I thought I just heard someone ask if Richie Incognito should be a Seahawk. No really, somebody actually asked that question.

  • RadioGuy

    I’d rather see Bernie Madoff as State Treasurer than Richie Incognito as a Seattle Seahawk.