BY 10:09AM 11/22/2013

Most concussions for girls? Cheerleading


  • RadioGuy

    Uh uh…cue to Bob Costas proselytizing for the shutdown of the SeaGals.

    Seriously, I remember being at a high school basketball game when a cheerleader at the top of a pyramid fell and landed head-first on the court. You never heard a gym go so quiet so quickly and she was in tears. She came back the next game and has since grown to be a really nice wife and mom, but I’ve never forgotten that image.

    There are people who denigrate cheerleaders, many of whom take risks during routines that their detractors wouldn’t have the courage to even attempt. Cheer squads a lot more athletic than some think, but I still hold my breath whenever I see a pyramid forming or a cheerleader being tossed in the air because I’ve seen what can happen with a bad landing.

    Have fun and push boundaries, girls, but take a little care out there too.