BY Adam Lewis 08:07PM 11/25/2013

Reports: Seahawks’ Browner facing suspension

Per multiple reports, Seahawks are quickly trying to replace depth lost in the secondary after learning injured CB Brandon Browner may be suspended for a year.

Brandon Browner’s alleged series of decisions has his Seahawks career in jeopardy. / Drew Sellers, Sportspress Northwest file

A confusing series of conflicting reports Monday by the NFL Network indicated that Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner was facing a one-year suspension for violation of the NFL’s substance-abuse policy.

As the evening progressed it became clearer that Browner, whom the club expected out until December with a groin injury, may never wear a Seahawks uniform again. insider Mike Silver initially reported that Browner was fighting a PED suspension.

After the news rocked Twitter, Silver’s tweet was cited as the basis for an aggregated story from’s Gregg Rosenthal.

Then Silver backtracked. Sort of.

By all accounts, including his own, it appears that Silver screwed up when he reported that Browner was appealing a suspension for violating the NFL’s PED policy for the second time in as many seasons. The distinction between violating the league’s substance-abuse policy and PED policy is important, though it’s unclear whether it might influence the number of games Browner misses. insiders Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen confirmed Silver’s error when both tweeted this.

Then the news worsened for a 10-1 Seahawks team with legitimate Super Bowl aspirations. If Mortensen is correct (and unlike Silver there is no reason to believe he isn’t), then Browner’s time in Seattle is likely finished.

Mortensen and Schefter followed up their tweets with this video segment prior to Monday Night Football explaining how Seattle’s latest perpetrator of the league’s clearly defined NFL-drug policy was in the midst of an appeal. 

Per multiple reports, the league Sunday will suspend for four games fellow Seahawks cornerback Walter Thurmond for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy. Thurmond is expected to drop his appeal so he can return before the playoffs.

Critics hardly had time to change the “Seadderall Seahawks” nickname to the “The Legion of Bong” before news of Browner’s infraction went viral.

Browner Monday used his verified Twitter account to deny Silver’s report.

The takeaway: Seattle’s secondary is another injury or toke away from being painfully thin, if it isn’t there already.

The News Tribune reported late Monday that the club brought in for a tryout former Seahawk Marcus Trufant. The WSU alum, 32, was cut by the Jaguars in training camp but had a successful 10 years in Seattle before he and the Seahawks parted ways after the 2012 season.

Meanwhile, multiple reports indicated that the Seahawks reached out to cornerback Antoine Winfield, whom the team cut in training camp. Carroll strongly hinted at the possibility Monday during his weekly spot on 710 ESPN’s Brock and Danny.


  • Jake Reeder

    It’s times like these I am left to wonder how many NFL players have a dependency on chemical painkillers. Are they “abusing” those substances?

  • RadioGuy

    Too many conflicting reports on this, but none of them sound good and Browner’s own tweet isn’t very reassuring. Still, I think it’s worth waiting for official word before commenting (beyond the fact that the Hawks need some healthy bodies in the secondary in a hurry and it may not be for a short-term fix).

  • jafabian

    No matter what Browner should know better at this point at getting himself anywhere close to this position. He should be as clean as a whistle at all times because now not only his job as a Seahawk in jeapordy but so is his career in the NFL.

    If they haven’t already the club should contact Antoine Winfield and see if he can play as well as Marcus Trufant.

  • zigzags

    Weed. PED’s. Whatever it is, I hope it was worth costing himself a huge FA contract and possible Super Bowl trophy. He’s done in Seattle.

  • Ian Jacob

    I think Art was right. They are the Legion of Bong (although boom is a slang word for marijuana). What the heck. He and Thurmond just cost themselves millions. If I had the opportunity to make millions of dollars playing a game there is no way I would do anything to jeopardize that. Considering the average NFL career is 7-8 years there would be plenty of time for me to smoke my self into oblivion when I was done.

  • Tom Robinson

    I think this was a much better written article that Thiel’s. While Art implied the off-the-field issues resulted from either locker room culture or a climate of permissiveness at VMA, You simply reported the facts and let the reader draw conclusions. I surmise that it has been a collection of individual cost/reward personal decisions that led to the pending suspensions. Carroll has a pulse on the locker room and of his team. Neither he nor his coaches should be cast in a bad light over this.