BY Adam Lewis 10:07AM 12/05/2013

49ers release memo urging fans to cheer

The 49ers this week feel compelled to remind their fans how to be fans.

The team apparently sent out a message to season-ticket holders explaining how and when to cheer when the Seahawks make their last trip ever to Candlestick Park Sunday (1:25, FOX) for the NFC West throw-down.

in the email, obtained by Bay Area radio station 95.7 The Game, the franchise sounds desperate to emulate CenturyLink Field’s crowd noise. Included in the message is groundbreaking advice like “dress the part, be on time” and “stay quiet on offense.”

The 12th Man will undoubtedly mock this for years to come…



  • oldfan

    Why am I reminded of the Texans showing up a Foxbough in lettermen jackets last year? (Cue Hank Williams Jr, “Are you ready for some ridicule?”)

  • jafabian

    Evidently that whupping the Hawks gave the Aints made the 49ers so scared to where they aren’t taking anything for granted. So all those times 49er fans fill the stands wearing red never made an impression on them?
    How many 49er fans does it take to change a lightbulb? None! They’re happy living in Seattle’s shadow!!!!

    • Tim

      Seattles shadow?

      How big of a shadow does a non existent lombardi make?

      • SEAFan


        • Tim

          Yawn…. yes thats what I do every time I look at the seattles trophy case.

  • RadioGuy

    “But…but…how am I supposed to clap my hands or, Heaven forbid, yell and NOT spill my Cabernet Sauvignon or Brie slices? My God, man, where is one supposed to place his priorities? We have an image to uphold, sir. Do you want people to think we’re from (shudder) OAKLAND???”