BY SPNW Staff 11:12AM 12/07/2013

Olbermann calls Yanks, Mariners, Cano stupid


  • drwheelock

    Olbermann? STUPID!

    After the 2 projected Arb figures for their only Arb players approx $2.5M for Smoak and $2.5M for Saunders, their 2014 payroll “after Cano Signing” is ONLY $65M. Lets see here:

    1. Seattle Stadium was just paid off, so no more stadium payments or lease payments that other MLBs have to pay.

    2. Low Payroll $65M “after” Cano signing.

    3. Oh yeah, and Seattle this past year bought out Direct TV ROOT Sports Network, so Seattle has their own “YES” network now. Which by the way is going to be WAY more lucrative than the Rangers and Angels TV 20 year deals they signed.

    4. And the added $25M coming to each MLB team, will boost another $25M for Seattle.

    5. Howard Lincoln mentioning last week that despite only dishing out $84M in 2013, when they had a $95M payroll budget in 2013, they will surpass that amount in 2014 but for competitive reasons will not release their 2014 payroll budget at this point.

    Seattle could “easily” go to $140-$160M in payroll salary. I’m projecting they will hit in the $120’s-$130M for 2014, which means they are one of “few MLB teams” that actually have $55M-$65M in payroll to STILL take on this offseason.

    Olbermann, I will bet you real money $$$ that “if” Tanaka is posted Seattle will be the most aggressive to sign him, and he too will be a Mariner. I can also see David Price a Mariner, and either Ubaldo or Colon. Sign Choo. I can see Kemp coming to Seattle this next week, Morales back in Seattle since we still needs a DH. Re-sign Franklin Gutriuez And I’m sure “if” the Yankees end up trading Gardner for Ackley, it will merit & prompt another one of your pathetic videos again.

    Seattle has the money to field this team:

    CF Brett Garnder
    LF Choo AND/OR Franklin Gutz
    2B Cano
    RF Kemp
    DH Morales
    1B Smoak
    3B Seager
    SS Miller
    C Zunino/Montero


    Ubaldo OR Colon OR Walker



    Seattle has the prospects AND the money to take on all of that and then some!!!

  • just passing thru

    Mariners were damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Me, I prefer the “do.”

    Now, keep working Jack, and get an outfield and bullpen and the other supporting pieces. If not, this will look stupid.

  • jafabian

    Well, all pro sports are “stupid” if you take Olberman’s POV to the extreme. Paying grown adults millions, sometimes multi-millions of dollars to play sports when there’s issues like a bad economy, cancer, victims of typhoons and poverty in the world is extreme to say the least. But it is what it is.

    That being said, Mariner brass is most likely thinking they had to do something to bring excitement back to Safeco Field. What I don’t like is that after force feeding the minor league players into the majors they’re abandoning that plan. Nick Franklin could easily be the next Cano. Evidently seeing David Ortiz, Adam Jones and Asdrubal Cabrera develop elsewhere made no impression. I suppose this shouldn’t be surprising. After all they canned Bob Melvin after only two seasons, and he was stuck with Lou’s aging roster. I think Bob’s done okay since then.

    Hopefuly this won’t be a signing that comes back to haunt them, like it has with the Angels and Albert Pujols. Or the Yankees and Rangers with ARod. If we look back at Mariner history, we’ll get one more year of free spending then the coffers will be shut and the GM will be told to slash budget. So the time to win is now.

  • tedsfrozenhead

    I like Keith, but he is just another crying Yankee fan.

  • Jeff

    I think his point is if they stopped spending now in free agency or stopped trading for more bats, then they’d be stupid… the ROOT setup I believe gets them $110m a year average, so with that money, $25m more a year with national tv money, and only Cano, Kuma and Felix on the books, they can conceivably spend a lot more money if they don’t want to have Houston Astros profit margins.

  • giorgio547

    So let me get this straight. The Mariners have a beautiful ballpark, a captive audience and growing market share. So, who is stupid?

  • RadioGuy

    I stopped taking Keith Olbermann’s opinion seriously years ago, although he’s every bit as welcome to express it as we are to ignore it.

  • rosetta_stoned

    May I ask why anyone should care what Keith Olbermann has to say? About anything?

    Smarmy, self-righteous and narcissistic is no way to go through life, son.

  • frank ford

    Fuck the Mariners!