BY SPNW Staff 10:02AM 12/11/2013

Report: Price Won’t Sign Extension With Mariners

According to tweets Wednesday from FOX Sports baseball writer Ken Rosenthal, citing information from Tampa Bay pitcher David Price’s agent, Bo McKinnis, Price will not sign a contract extension with the Seattle Mariners should they acquire him in a trade. The Mariners have been linked to Price, the 28-year-old former Cy Young winner, in swap talks for weeks.

Via McKinnis, Price would be willing to sign an extension with some clubs, but Seattle isn’t one of them. Price is under Tampa Bay’s control for two more years before he becomes a free agent. If he is traded to Seattle, the Mariners would have him through 2015.

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports tweeted Monday that Tampa Bay would want Seattle prospect Tijuan Walker as part of a trade for Price. But Seattle GM Jack Zduriencik stated this week that Walker would not be made available.

Price made $10.1 million last season. According to reports, the Mariners are also interested in Rays closer Fernando Rodney.


  • zigzags

    Sounds about right. NOBODY wants to play for you, Howard Lincoln. The only reason Cano is signing is because you blinded him with $240,000,000.

  • Trygvesture

    I suspect being one of the most vilified people in the NW knocked Chuck off his self-righteous high horse: Loss of status probably doesn’t sit well with his ilk. Agents and players and other GMs slighting the M’s at the winter meetings will hopefully be a tough one to swallow for the (apparently) obliviously self-enthroned Lincoln. Guys like that tend to get angry pretty quickly when they perceive themselves in status-fall; blame others, scapegoat and shoot the messenger(s) and leave in disgust with a BS cover story.
    Fingers Crossed.
    They’ve abused the gift they’ve been given– franchise, stadium, equity appreciation– at the expense of the community and the game. They’ll never admit it from their self-coronated positions, but they might come to believe the the word of baseball is not deserving of their profound wisdom and leadership.
    Keep up the noise level with verifiable content that exposes the emperor’s new clothes:
    Fingers Crossed.