BY SPNW Staff 06:15PM 12/13/2013

Snow in NYC forecast, not Seahawks’ Harvin

A winter storm will move over the Northeast this weekend and drop snow Saturday in the New York metropolitan area, but it may warm up for freezing rain by 10 a.m. PT Sunday, when the Seahawks play the Giants at MetLife Stadium in the Jersey swamps. But it won’t be the concern of WR Percy Harvin, who will remain in Seattle and miss the game — and more, apparently.

“It’s looking like he’s going to miss this week again, and it’s looking like it’s going to be a bit before we get it right,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said after practice Friday before the team departed. “He’s doing a ton of stuff to get back, but he just hasn’t turned the corner. We’re going to just keep taking the time it takes to get him right.”

Carroll acknowledged that the risk to reinjure the hip, surgically repaired Aug. 1, is paramount.

 “If they are not releasing him to get back out there, then that means he’s vulnerable,” he said. “So we’re going to make sure that we take our time. We still have a number of games left, hopefully. If we can get him in there, we’ll take him when he comes.”

The health news, other than CB Brandon Browner also unable to return.was otherwise good for the Seahawks, particularly for Zach Miller, the tight end who cracked a rib against San Francisco Sunday but apparently is well enough to play.

The Seahawks practiced outdoors in the Seattle glop Friday to get used to what it will be like the rest of the season.

“The last three games of this season are all going to have weather issues most likely, and in to the playoffs too,” Carroll said. “This is a great opportunity for us to really click into that mode and do all of the little things it takes to take care of the ball and the focus.

“It’s going to be crucial down the stretch. We have an advantage, that we have enough weather here that can get us ready.”

In bad weather with poor traction, the offense always has an advantage because ball carriers know where they’re going. The Seahawks come properly equipped.

“The running game always been part of the formula that we have it when we need it,” he said.  “This is the kind of potential conditions where it could be very important, whether you’re trying to take care of it in the running game, or whether you’re throwing it.

“We can’t emphasize it more than we do, but it would be awesome if it’s a factor when needed.”


  • PokeyPuffy

    Bad news on Harvin. Is the conventional wisdom he is now out for the season? Last week I felt he wasn’t needed so much with how well the receiving group has done…But after the 9ers game I think he would add a much needed 3rd dimension to the offense against solid defenses, like Carolina or SF.

    • ll9956

      IMO the problem in the 9ers game wasn’t the absence of Harvin, but the presence of mucho penalties, poor punt protection and one unfortunate lapse in run defense. Without any one of those ills, the outcome would have been different.