BY Steve Rudman 10:29AM 12/17/2013

Reports: Carroll On Texas Longhorns’ Wish List

New University of Texas athletic director Steve Patterson has reportedly compiled a list of replacements for Mack Brown that includes Pete Carroll of the Seahawks.

According to reports, Pete Carroll is on the list of potential candidates to replace Mack Brown at the University of Texas. / Drew Sellers, Sportspress Northwest

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, via reports in the Milwaukee Sentinel and Dallas Morning News, new University of Texas athletic director Steve Patterson has compiled a list of NFL head coaches that he is considering for the vacant Longhorns head coaching position. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is on that list.

Also on the list are San Francisco’s Jim Harbaugh, Philadelphia’s Chip Kelly and Green Bay’s Mike McCarthy. According to Mortensen, “There is no indication however that interest from NFL coaches on the Texas list will be reciprocated.”

Harbaugh is already on the record that he intends to stay with the 49ers and Kelly said Monday that any talk linking him to the Texas job is “pure speculation.”

The Texas job opened up when Mack Brown, who spent 16 years at the school, resigned earlier this week. Initially, Alabama’s Nick Saban had a reported interest in moving to Austin until he signed a long-term extension to stay with the Crimson Tide.

In the wake of Brown’s resignation, USA Today called Texas the “No. 1” job in college football.

“Where does this job rank among FBS positions? You’d make a strong case for No. 1, and even a detractor couldn’t put Texas outside the top three,” wrote USA Today. “It’s simple: UT has the money, the resources, the facilities, the history, the support, the prestige, the fan base and the recruiting ground to make this opening appealing to any coach with a whistle, a winning record, a few rings and the guts to take on the job.

“Longhorns’ next coach will be given a nearly incalculable number of built-in advantages. Perhaps none is bigger than the recruiting base at his disposal: UT does recruit nationally, if the prospect is right, but most of its business is done within the state’s borders – as fertile a bed as can be found in the country. Though rival schools have taken charge in Texas, notably Texas A&M, this program, with the right hire, Texas can regain its spot as the go-to destination for the state’s elite recruits.”

Carroll has not commented on the reports. The Seahawks are off Tuesday before they begin preparations to meet the Arizona Cardinals Sunday at CenturyLink Field.



  • jafabian

    The Rangers draft Wilson, the Longhorns want Carroll, and seriously doesn’t AT & T Stadium kind of look like Century Link Field? What next? Move the Space Needle to Arlington?

  • Joe Fan

    I don’t care how coveted or highly thought of the Texas job would be, why would any big time, successful NFL coach take a demotion to go back to college? I just perceive the NFL to be far superior in terms of status, exposure, level of competition, and dollars. Carroll, Kelly, and Harbaugh all have left successful college careers to move to the NFL. Given the success they each are having I can’t imagine they would ever want to go back, at least not right now. Carroll only went back to college and USC due failure at the NFL level.

    • tedsfrozenhead

      The college coaching position offers such complete control over the program. No G.M.s, making personnel decisions, just the coach getting what he wants. While answerable to the A.D. they in no way approach the meddling a NFL owner inflicts. I imagine that is quite appealing to the likes of Jim Harbaugh. PC has a unique situation here. He helped pick the GM and has a supporting and silent owner in Paul Allen. I don’t think Pete is going anywhere, but I would love to see Harbaugh go. He is a good coach too.

  • RadioGuy

    You’re right about the NFL-vs-NCAA comparison in most ways, Joe Fan, except for one thing: Whoever gets the Texas job is also going to get a LOT of money. I’d also venture that the Longhorns coaching job is as visible as many NFL jobs. How many people can name the head coach of the Buffalo Bills or the Houston Texans?

    There’s one guy whose name hasn’t been mentioned for the Texas gig that would be a natural for it. A guy who was born and raised in Texas and went on to outstanding success at both the college and professional coaching levels, including two Super Bowl titles with the Dallas Cowboys. Ever hear of Jimmy Johnson?

    The only drawback to the Longhorns hiring him would be his age, but everything else? Nothing but pluses. And nobody would stir up the Texas fan base more.

    • Joe Fan

      ?? Pete Carroll reportedly makes around $6.7 million per year. Mac Brown currently makes around $5.3 million per year.

      • Longhorn fan

        My vote is for Jimmy Johnson

  • Kotzebue

    Radioguy..Johnson is a graduate of ARKANSAS…the only thing worse would be asking Barry Switzer to coach the ‘horns….

  • PokeyPuffy

    The Texas coaching job is mostly politics, i.e. trying to keep everyone happy. This is the main reason a crowd pleaser like Mack Brown has survived so long, even with his mediocre record.