BY SPNW Staff 06:00AM 12/18/2013

Firing back, 49ers fans have billboard for Seattle

Who says 49ers fans have to be instructed by their team in how to be fans? They are learning from the masters — the 12th Man.

After Seattle fans hired a small plane to trail a 12th Man banner over Candlestick Park during the Seahawks game, 49ers fans are plotting a counter-move — a billboard near the Clink that taunts the Seahawks for the absence of a football pedigree.

According to the San Jose Mercury Tuesday, Bay Area fans have raised $8,000 to put up a proposed billboard featuring five symbols of their Super Bowl wins — the Lombardi Trophy — with a headline, “How Many Do You Have?”

It’s a shot at the Seahawks’ meager history — 0-for-1 in Super Bowl appearances.

The project was expected to cost fans $7,000 and has already raised more than $8,000 online. According to the project’s founder, Aasheesh Shravah, all extra money will be contributed to Seattle Children’s Hospital.

“I called up Seattle companies and got some prices, and we figured if we could raise at least $7,000, we’d be able to do something in response to the banner. So many people responded. It has been amazing the support this thing has received.”

Only the six trophies by the Pittsburgh Steelers — another team that is toxic to the tongues of Seahawks fans — exceed the five by the 49ers and Dallas Cowboys.




  • jafabian

    A fair comparison isn’t their histories but when the teams began compete against one another in the NFC West beginning in 2002. To compare:
    Overall record: 103-86
    Winning percentage: .545
    Playoff appearances: 7
    Overall record: 89-99-1
    Winning percentage: .473
    Playoff appearances: 3
    Does not include impending 2013 NFC West title for the Seahawks. You know the difference between mosquitoes and 49ers fans? Mosquitoes are only annoying in the summer.

    • dinglenuts

      Mind you, I have no general argument with you assessment of Niner fans (there’s a reason they’re known as the Whiners, and as a current Bay Area resident, it can be a little tiresome). What you say is factual, but mostly irrelevant. In 40-plus years of existence, the Seahawks have one Super Bowl appearance and zero Super Bowl victories. That’s not good, and certainly worthy of ridicule, much like the other local woebegone major professional sports organization whose name I simply cannot type because it causes me to break out in hives.

      This year may be the ‘Hawks best chance to change that. If they don’t, the ridicule will continue.

  • Kirkland

    Reminds me of when Timbers fans put up a billboard here saying Portland was Soccer City USA.

    • jafabian

      Sh’yeah, right. Start packing in 44,000 a game and maybe they can claim that. Until then Seattle is king.

      • Kirkland

        Heck, Rochester proclaimed itself Soccer City USA a dozen years ago, when their USL Rhinos regularly outdrew several MLS teams and even won an Open Cup. It’s all hyperbole.

        As for this billboard, as long as it’s not in poor taste, no problem. I thought the pro-Huskies billboard KISW’s Bob Rivers put up near Miami’s Orange Bowl during the 1991 UW-‘Canes rivalry was pretty clever, too.

      • RadioGuy

        Hey, Portland can get 44,000 people to buy tickets to a Timbers home game…as long as they sell out concurrent big screen telecasts at the Rose Garden AND the Glass Palace along with their little stadium, too.

  • tedsfrozenhead

    I love the rivalry. Hats off to those Niner fans who ponied up the cash.

  • RadioGuy

    Ah yes, the 49ers and their Super Bowl wins. Their last one came in 1995, back when people were still watching movies on VCRs, booking trips through travel agents, using dialup internet (if they even HAD a PC), selling their cars in the newspaper classified section, taking pictures using film and making phone calls from landlines.

    Welcome to now, Niner fans. All the billboards in the world won’t erase the fact that it’s 2013 and your team can’t beat the Seahawks in Seattle. But, hey, thanks for sending your money up here.

  • Hammtime

    I have to admit that’s pretty damn funny. Hopefully, the Hawks will get another shot against them in the playoffs and put an end to their season.