BY SPNW Staff 09:20AM 12/18/2013

BYU coach: Is college football amateur or pro?

Bronco Mendendall, coach of the Huskies’ bowl opponent, BYU, was disturbed by the firing of Texas coach Mack Brown and laments the state of the game.


  • Jamo57

    From this sports consumer’s POV, it’s very interesting this is posted following Art’s column about the Ms ‘Family” and big business. My son and I have been season ticket holders of the Huskies since the late 80s (the only local team that we make such a commitment to), and one of our major reasons which evolved over time is ‘You can’t move the University of Washington to Oklahoma City’. (That idea first came to mind during the Smulyan years with the Ms and the city mentioned was Tampa).

    Having said that, each year at some point my son and I have a conversation which centers around many of the questions Bronco brings up at the beginning of the video when considering whether we want to continue or not. We have always chosen to return each year but the ever fading line between amateur and professional athletics may cause us to reconsider at some point.