BY Art Thiel 03:24PM 01/25/2014

Off to the Jersey wastelands, ice ax in hand

Seattle is South Alaska? I have to take parka and ice ax to cover a ballgame on the frozen swamps of New Jersey. But it’s worth it to see, finally, a real championship week.

Russell Wilson and crew: One trophy down, one to go. / Drew Sellers, Sportspress Northwest

Packing the usual Super Bowl accessories — expedition parka, ice ax, gaiters and personal locator beacon — I depart Sunday for the ragged frontier of human existence: New Jersey (perhaps you thought the ice ax was for ice). Presuming Gov. Chris Christie decides not to play politics with the freeways and airport, I will join the Seahawks and Baja Seattle for a little ballgame Feb. 2 that annually determines the fate of civilization.

Having been to about 10 of these soirees, I can assure you that with several thousand of journalism’s semi-finest on hand, the media scrums will be far more health-threatening than anything at the bottom of the pile at MetLife Stadium. Concussion protocols for all.

Nevertheless, I will swing away for a week to bring you the fascinating (Peyton Manning) and the mundane (the rest of the Broncos) while keeping track of the intrepid little blue ballclub in its pursuit to become the NFL’s Death Star. How else to prove that Richard Sherman is better at life than all of us?

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So it’s off to the Iditarod  . . . um, the Super Bowl, where I will carry the Seattle flag with a pointy flagpole, which will be used on the first icicle-caked New Yorker who calls our burg South Alaska.

After six months of using “championship week” as a figurative, coach Pete Carroll and his fellas have a chance to go all literal in the media capital of the world. If they do, Sherman’s one-man play opens Friday on Broadway. You read it here first.


  • Its onlySports(DavidWakefield)

    Experiencing ground hog day in Jersey…on paper it doesnt seem to rank with what some would call the opportunity of a lifetime.
    But it could very well be. Pinch yourself on the plane ride home if you are fortunate enough to mutter the words Seattle Seahawks~defending Super Bowl champs 2014.
    Dreams do come true. Go Hawks.

    • art thiel

      Don’t forget, Jersey gave us Springsteen.
      And Chris Christie.

      • RadioGuy

        And Pia Zadora. How could you forget Pia Zadora of Hoboken, which also gave us baseball (sort of)? And Crosscut’s own David Brewster, too.

  • oldfan

    Good luck out there in the frozen wastes, Art. Will be looking forward to your reports almost as much as the game.
    Go Hawks!

    • art thiel

      In these media scrums, my guess is even Marshawn Lynch can’t find the A gap.

      • oldfan

        Really? I’d think among East coast media A-holes would be easy to find.
        (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

  • Bayview Herb

    Well said, Art. Say, since players that reach the Super Bowl tend to re-evaluate themselves vs other players at their positions, can you tell us who is unsigned for next season? Sometimes keeping one player happy required the pruning of other good people.

    • art thiel

      Will do that down the road. Tate is the most important player on that list.

  • notaboomer

    easy on the hookers and blow, art. thanks for being unembedded in the big apple.

    • art thiel

      Fortunately, we have nothing of the kind in Seattle.

  • tedsfrozenhead

    Enjoy your week back east and safe travels to you Art.
    Go Seahawks!