BY SPNW Staff 03:34PM 01/29/2014

In 3 minutes, NFL explained by British writer

If the 12th Man has friends and family new to this whole Seahawks/football thing who need a quick understanding for Sunday’s epic clash, ask them for three minutes and show them this video. They will thank you and enjoy the game so much more.

Keeping in mind that a billion Chinese don’t know but might someday care, a British writer/director animator, Fraser Davidson, has put together “A Guide to American Football.”

He seems to have the proper distance,  perspective and humor to explain what the deal is, and how the Seahawks and Denver Broncos arrived here. Thanks to for the find.

More of Davidson’s work can be found at  YouTube and Vimeo pages and his website.


  • Mort McSnerd

    Much of that is what passes for humor in ol’ Blighty.

  • oldfan

    I’m gonna have to show that to my wife. though, she still won’t care.