BY Adam Lewis 12:36PM 01/31/2014

Lunch Links: Sherman writes letter to Carroll

A column by Seahawks CB Richard Sherman Friday in’s MMQB website thanks Pete Carroll for helping him become one of the best players in the NFL.

Seahawks CB Richard Sherman’s relationship with Pete Carroll goes back 10 years. / Drew McKenzie, Sportspress Northwest

Richard Sherman still remembers the first time he met Pete Carroll. He remembers Carroll pulling him out of class when he was still attending Compton’s Dominguez High School. He remembers being wide-eyed, a little starstruck even, that USC’s head coach would take the time to visit.

He remembers Carroll telling him that he would make the perfect “lock-up” corner for the Trojans.

Instead, Sherman chose Stanford, citing his desire to receive a world-class education. For the Cardinal, he starred first as a wide receiver, then a cornerback, before Carroll’s Seahawks selected him in the fifth round of the 2011 NFL draft.

Sherman’s latest column for’s MMQB website, titled, “A Love Letter to Coach Carroll,” recalls his first meeting with his future NFL head coach. It was 2004.

The conversation stayed with him.

In his column, Sherman thanks Carroll for taking a chance on him when he was a raw cornerback that had yet to refine his technique. He praises Carroll’s Zen-like philosophy, which emphasizes respecting players while demanding an old-school tenacity. Sherman says he has never played under a coaching staff so positive, or with a strategy, paradoxical as it may seem, so unique.

When Sherman launched a verbal assault directed at 49ers WR Michael Crabtree following the NFC Championship, Carroll was there the next day to reel him in.

In the days leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII, Sherman has been honest with reporters while mostly avoiding controversy, except for an accurate assessment of the wobble to Peyton Manning’s passes. He has stayed true to his philosophy, telling all that he isn’t going to be anybody’s puppet. The New York media was ready for a feeding frenzy, yet Sherman gave them nothing upon which to feast.

Simply, he was himself. Last week, when the spotlight was at an all-time high, he said he didn’t know how to be anybody else.

Carroll, despite two 7-9 seasons to begin his tenure in Seattle, has shown the same trait.

Here’s a snapshot of what the national media is saying about the Seahawks with the big game two days away:


  • oldfan

    Stop the presses! Sherman said what?!
    “Manning throws a lot of ducks.” How dare he diss the man the media has anointed as The Football God! The Transcendent Gridiron Messiah of All Time! Who never makes a mistake and has not the slightest flaw in his game!
    What other blasphemous things did this worthless, foul, thug say?
    “Manning is the number one QB. The most intelligent QB playing. His passes are on time and accurate.”
    Who does this Sherman think he is! Oh, it’s on now! I’ll bet Peyton has words for him!
    Manning: “I do throw ducks.”
    See? That’ll show him!
    Manning receivers rushed to his defense: “His passes are on time and accurate.”
    That’ll make Sherman eat his words!

    This is the problem with giving the media an extra week before the Super Bowl, it gives them a chance to practice their fiction writing. They pull one piece of a month old quote, ignore the context, and try to blow it up to a controversy.

    The only good news is it’s almost game time and then none of this will matter.

    Go Hawks!

    • sabasarge

      Nicely said.
      Hawks by double digits. Sure, Manning’ll make some plays, but they’ve yet to face a D like this and………Harvin’s healthy.

      • oldfan

        Thanks. I’m just tired of the one-sidedness of the coverage this week. I could point out at least a half dozen innocent things the Broncos have said that could have been played into digs at Seattle, and were ignored.

        I’ll second your prediction. Nothing about the Broncos is scary except Manning (granted, that’s a big exception). Take away his receivers and he’s no threat…and the Hawks are built to take away receivers.