BY Art Thiel 01:17PM 02/09/2014

Wright: Seahawks win 90 of 100 vs. Broncos

LB K.J. Wright was certain the Seahawks would dominate the pass-happy Broncos, and metrics make his point that the pass defense was among best in NFL history.

The Seahawks pass defense is rated fourth-best since 1950. / Drew Sellers, Sportspress Northwest

The Seahawks have never been bashful about speaking up. Now that they’ve walked their talk, there’s no reason to stop now. In a phone interview with NBC’s Pro Football Talk Friday, LB K.J. Wright was asked what the outcomes would be if the Seahawks and Denver Broncos played 100 times.

“Probably 90 — I’d probably go 90 out of 100,” Wright said of the Seahawks’ win probability. “They might’ve got lucky those other 10 times. They’re a good football team. But you know the way we play, our style of play most teams just can’t match up with it.

“We are really good at what we do. We run the ball really well, we stop the run, and we just out-hit guys. You know most teams just can’t match up with our style of play.”

Wright, who had seven tackles in the 43-8 beatdown, knew the Seahawks would prevail after the first play, when the Broncos blew the snap, which turned into a safety for the quickest score in Super Bowl history.

“The first play of the game, I was like, ‘All right, man. We got these boys,'” Wright said. “If you start the game off like that, something’s not right.

“When that happened, I was like, ‘All right man, I got my nerves calmed down.’ And I was like, ‘OK, I believe we got this one.'”

Wright’s talk isn’t just bravado. With speed and a detailed scouting report that included studying Manning’s eyes for pre-snap tells, the Seahawks shut down what metrics established as the most productive offense in the history of the NFL.

The analytical mavens at Football Perspective, using a formula called Z-Score calculated the regular season stats that show the Seahawks’ pass defense was the fourth best since 1950, trailing only 2002 Tampa, 1988 Mnnesota and 1970 Minnesota. That was before three playoff wins over New Orleans, San Francisco and Denver, arguably the best three teams in the league.

Presuming the financial ability to keep the defensive core together under the salary cap, there is a reasonable possibility to get better in the 2014 season, purely because of youth.

Football Perspective had another tabulation that, as youngest team by average age to win a Super Bowl,  the Seahawks are are well positioned to shut down the league again.

And the offense is positioned to grow.

The conclusion:

Seattle is full of young players, which is not surprising because the Seahawks were the youngest team in the NFL in 2012. This year, Seattle had the youngest offense in the NFL, and all of that unit’s contributors were under the age of 28. Russell Wilson (24.8), Marshawn Lynch (27.4), Max Unger (27.4), Golden Tate (25.1), Doug Baldwin (24.9), and J.R. Sweezy (24.4) form a young core that should compete for years. The only long-term questions for the offense are figuring out how to keep Percy Harvin healthy (he doesn’t turn 26 until May) and making sure that Robert Turbin (23.7) or Christine Michael (22.8) can handle the load when Lynch declines.

Unlike the Baltimore Ravens and other recent champions whose key players are mature veterans at or near retirement, the Seahawks are well-positioned to, well, beat the Broncos 90 out of 100 times.

Beating the 49ers twice a year, however, would more than suit Seahawks fans.


  • Big

    Ok, Ok, Ok, let’s stop the silliness. Repeating will be tough and there will be player changes. 90 out of 100 games will take decades.

    Go Hawks

    • art thiel

      It won’t take decades in the imaginations of players. Game 2 vs. Denver this fall.

  • Its onlySports(DavidWakefield)

    Is that a little swagger to your step I Detect K.J.? Well of course it is…after all you are a member of the dominant defense known as the Seattle Seahawks~World Champions.

    The Youngest team in the NFL gets to have their 2~3 weeks of fun before egads people move on to another sport or two for 5months(sigh)…is it July Yet?

    The how many times out of 100 Q BTW was just plain dumb and sentimentalized. Peyton Manning would be in an old folks home or his grandkids throwing passes in the NFL by the time the Hawks play Denver 100x….its akin to taking Star Wars seriously as just around the corner. It was a silly Q ~folks. Go Hawks!

    • art thiel

      Might be silly, but it reveals the mindset of overwhelming confidence that helped the Seahawks.

      • Its onlySports(DavidWakefield)

        Sure and I think even Peyton would admit if his defense had thrashed the seahawks offense like that he would expect the Denver Defense to puff up their chests and diplay the peacock feathers. It was a loaded Q…but KJ and the defense rightly do not lack in confidence…although he might re run the Texan game and realize sometimes a defense is still mere mortal no matter how good you perceive yourself.

        I cannot wait til that Denver game this fall. Would not surprise me if 90~100 will be on their chalkboard before they take the field~lol.

  • Its onlySports(DavidWakefield)

    Whoops that was suppose to be..Sensationalized… not sentimentalized. Spell check can be as annoying as a obnoxious 49er fan…..

  • Bayview Herb

    Does anyone know how I can score a dvd of the game?

    • art thiel

      Check YouTube for various versions, and

  • jafabian

    We have to wait seven months before we can go thru this again. The waiting will be pure agony!

    I’m anxious to see what Caroll and Schneider have planned for the draft. Will they trade lower picks to move up in the first round? Will they trade picks for a player? Will they trade higher picks to get more picks in the lower rounds? Will they stand pat? Are there players in the draft they’re targeting? I’m thinking the goal will be linemen, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Whether that will be thru the dfaft, trades or free agency remains to be seen. I’m predicting some moves similar to what the Hawks did to draft Pete Kendall.

    Sidenote. If the Hawks lose Bennett will they draft Missouri DE Michael Sam? Not because he came out but because of the media attention he brings?

    • art thiel

      They will draft Sam if he’s the best DE available at the right time. But they won’t do it for pub or not for pub.

  • Scott Crosser

    I’m drinking the Kool Aid baby!!!! Why not?! Any word if CBS is lobbying for a rematch the first game of the season?