BY SPNW Staff 04:07PM 03/14/2014

Seahawks raise ticket prices by 12 percent

How convenient — the cost to the Twelves to attend Seahawks games next season will go up about 12 percent. The club Friday said the average price will rise from $99 to $111, the price of ultimate success.

“Seventy percent of season ticket holders will see an increase between $3 and $11 per ticket,” said Seahawks president Peter McLoughlin in a press release. “In addition, approximately 10 percent of tickets are priced at or below the average lowest ticket price in the NFL.”

For the first time, the Seahawks will engage in variable pricing, which means prices for the most popular games will rise according to demand. The scale awaits the release of the schedule in April.

“Through variable pricing, ticket prices will better reflect the value and demand for each game,” McLoughlin said. Individual game tickets will continue to be sold at a higher price than season tickets.

Since 2003, the team has sold out 95 consecutive games, including playoffs. The team has 12,000 paid members on the Blue Pride wait list and 30,000 non-paid members on the Blue Pride notification list.

Season ticket holders will receive renewal information in the next few days. For more information on season tickets: or call 888/NFL-HAWK.


  • jafabian

    Since they always sell out this means they need more funds to re-sign Wilson, Thomas and Sherman. Or they’re gonna amp up the beer selections.