BY SPNW Staff 08:20PM 04/01/2014

Huskies reveal new football uniforms — again


  • poulsbogary

    Where is the “Don James” W ?

    Take it back. We have to have a W.


    Be here now? When did the football coach turn into Baba Ram Das???

    Oh yeah…those unies suck.

  • Jeff Shope

    Huskies being involve with Nike makes my skin crawl

    • art thiel

      Sports always makes for strange bedfellows.

  • RadioGuy

    Glad I stuck through the video all the way through. Those unis were Clown College material…BAD, even by Uncle Phool’s Niketown standards. Thank God it was an April Fool’s joke.

    • art thiel

      Good to see Petersen doesn’t take himself obsessively seriously. Got a kick out of “Dawgs” on the butts of the pants.

      • RadioGuy

        I couldn’t help but notice how underwhelmed the players were at first. I saw more than one “I-shoulda-signed-that-letter-with-Weber-State” look.

  • jafabian

    This is something Pete Carroll would do when he was at USC. Heck, he’d do it now with the Hawks. And IIRC….Pete Carroll wins. Forever. I actually kind of like the old school helmet and the jersey with the “W.” The rest though….echhh. The players reaction was classic. Can’t wait for the Coach Petersen era kicks off this fall.

    • art thiel

      Petersen hooked ’em. They probably thought, “This is what we get for hiring a guy with an Idaho fashion sense.”

  • Eric K

    they did a great job because they were ugly but not so out there that they couldn’t be real (theer are lot of the new alternate uniforms that are far worse that that, Maryland comes to mind), if they had come out in leather helmets or something it would have been obvious right from the begining.