BY Art Thiel 12:03PM 04/04/2014

Thiel: 3 more years for Seahawks ‘love fest’

John Schneider wryly described it before any writer had a chance: “A love fest.”

The Seahawks general manager Friday was announcing the club’s agreement to extend head coach Pete Carroll’s contract through the 2016 season, and was a little embarrassed at gushing up so many compliments. But when his team wins the Super Bowl 43-8, he’s entitled to gush, fawn and direct lots of Paul Allen’s money toward the primary creator of Seattle’s first major pro sports championship in 35 years.

Some quick quotes before a column later today:

Schneider: “We knew it was around the corner and it was quite honestly (that) we’re trying to take care of our own people and keep our young players together. But where do you start? You start at the top.”

Carroll: “I think it’s really exciting. It’s really a statement of our commitment and our staying power and opportunity to do something special here.”

Carroll on the the fans’ support: “Ridiculously fun . . . so powerful.”

Carroll: “I loved my time at USC and I was having the time of my life being part of that wonderful school and all the things that we were doing. But I knew there was another challenge out there and that was coming to the league.

“We wanted to bring our experience to the NFL, the way we treat people, then we can ask them to give us everything they have.”

Carroll, looking at Schneider and grinning, “This doesn’t count against the salary cap for us, does it?”

Carroll, walking through the VMAC’s media work room, glancing at a newspaper headline: “Hey, at least we’ll out-last Letterman,” then walked out, smiling.


  • John M

    I think Pete still scares the hell out of John. In a good way. And with high end humor.