BY Art Thiel 01:33PM 04/18/2014

Huskies football reveals new fashion statement

New uniforms for Huskies football are out, said to capture the “jaws of Husky Stadium” along with “arctic blasts.” At least one tradition was maintained — a Nike swoosh.

The Huskies will be in new duds for the new stadium and a new coach, thanks to an old partner — Nike. /

Washington football completed its makeover, from stadium down to shoes, with a new set of uniforms, revealed Friday, designed to press the bling button on current and future Huskies while avoiding the trick-or-treat fashions of other schools. Speaking of which, Nike, which popularized garish outerwear at its primary retail outlet, the University of Oregon, is the designer/outfitter for Washington too. Remember, this is college sports: It’s all about the money.

The new set includes three jerseys, four pants and three helmet colors, which can clash together in multiple ways. A UW release said that “the new stadium and athletic facilities are filled with Husky references, echoing the team ethos that ‘no dog runs alone.'”

A graphic symbol and coded sequence embroidered into the back inside neckline is said to “reinforce this mantra.” Apparently designed to represent “team dogs,” the symbol, when turned sideways, make the numeral 11 to honor the team’s 11 players. Like a sled team, it said, the team “competes as a pack through innovative formations on the field.”

Further straining, the release says the purple home jersey introduces black accents “for a tough, bold aesthetic.” Black shoulder panels are said to mimic the “iconic jaws of Husky Stadium.” The away uni is white, harnessing the power of an “arctic blast.” The black alternate jersey has purple and gold accents, with “Dawgs” lettering down the side of the pant.

“Our players can’t wait to take the field in these uniforms,” said new coach Chris Petersen. “The design tells the story of our program and provides modern innovations in materials and designs while embracing the rich tradition that has made Husky football so special.”

Besides the cool look, the redesign apparently supplied some work for English majors looking to break into advertising, although the release did fail to mention the prominent placement of the Nike swoosh on the jersey chest.

Apparently, if a team can’t beat Oregon, at least they can dress like Ducks success.


  • Edgar Martinez

    Oh, God no……

    • art thiel

      Did you get a rash or something?

  • Alex

    I like everything but the shoulders of the purple jersey. Seems like those and the black numbers just don’t fit in with the rest of the scheme. That aside, it’s always cool to see some refreshed designs for the times.

    • art thiel

      Get ready for refreshment again in a couple of years. This is as much about fan purchases as player buy-ins.

  • ss

    Will this help them win more games and establish a tradition of dominant football? Are they in the national conversation as the most fearsome football team in the country year in and year out? Oh. Well thank goodness the uniforms are stylish. Is this football or a fashion show? Do players today just want to be remembered for looking good? A superfluous diversion. Just win, baby. This old dawg would rather beat Oregon on the gridiron than the fashion runway. Guess the dept has to spend their money somewhere. Big deal.

    • art thiel

      Actually, cool uniforms do count in recruiting. I bet you were 18 once, and worshipped foolish things.

  • RadioGuy

    “A UW release said that ‘the new stadium and athletic facilities are filled with Husky references, echoing the team ethos that no dog runs alone’…’reinforce this mantra’…’team dogs’…’competes as a pack through innovative formations on the field.’”

    The unis aren’t the only garish thing going on at the UW, apparently.

    • art thiel

      I wonder if the people who write these things also come up with names for paint colors and cul de sac residential developments,

  • GerryM

    Do they send the check directly to Eugene or does Knight have to deliver? Don’t buy anything with that ugly sh-woosh on it!! Ever!!!

    • art thiel

      Mark of the devil.

  • Mike

    I love then good/chrome helmets. Withholding comments on the unis until I can get a better look. Bottom line, if the updated look helps nab more recruits, fine.

  • 1coolguy

    I’m tired of seeing the biggest thing on the uniforms being the Nike swoosh – I am surprised the college teams have let Nike grow the size of the swoosh over the years.
    Unless there is a PAC-12 agreement with Nike, I’d take a look at uniforms by other companies and drop these guys. The $$$ will still be there, just not the annoyance of Phil Knight looking at us at every event.

  • Jeff Shope

    Absolutely hate that a Nike board member got in as interim Pres at UW and infected the Dawgs with nike duck disease it’s disgusting to see a nike swoosh bigger than “W” and even replacing the seahawk emblem on their jerseys.