BY Art Thiel 01:17PM 04/22/2014

Our onetime guy, Durant, lights up hoops world

Some will suggest posting this video in Seattle amounts to sports torture. I prefer to think of it as a way to share admiration of a stupendous athlete in Kevin Durant —  and speaking of torture, in case any of us has an opportunity to waterboard ex-Sonics owner Howard Schultz, we now have the video justification on file. No court would touch us.

Durant hit what may be the most preposterous three-point shot in basketball history Monday night during the Sonics-Grizzlies game — or if you prefer to honor the hijackers, the Thunder-Grizzlies game in Oklah(cough).

Down 98-93 in the final minute of game 2 of the series, the Thunder’s Russell Westbrook nearly lost the ball out of bounds until he saw the Slim Reaper down the sideline. The off-balance Durant caught the pass falling down, was hacked, turned and fired before hitting the floor with 13.3 seconds left.

Swish. And one.

The four-point play cut the deficit to 98-97, and OKC eventually forced overtime, where the Grizzlies, to their everlasting credit, recovered their wits and won, 111-105.

So instead of talking about how the Houston Astros own the Mariners today, you know what the sports topic du jour might have been if David Stern and Schultz shared even a proton of conscience regarding their basketball business activities.


  • jafabian

    Ray Allen owns the best 3 pointer in Sonics history, vs. the Suns in Phoenix. Also hit one vs. the Kings in Seattle the last time the Sonics made the playoffs. I remember Glove making one at the buzzer from the corner vs. the Spurs as well. Also DJ made one past half court in his last game as a Sonics vs. the Lakers but that was a desperation heave to end the 3rd quarter.

    Wasn’t a 3 but Jerry West still owns the most amazing shot. In the Finals vs. the Knicks. Lakers lost the series but Zeke from Cabin Creek was still named Finals MVP. Don’t get me started on Rex Chapman though….

    • art thiel

      Good recounting. They were huge pressure shots, but none of the shooters were getting fouled and knocked into the front row while shooting three feet from the floor.

  • 1coolguy

    Art – Every time I see the Thunder I get bummed out KD isn’t here.

    Question: How about a poll for the MOST REVILED sports personality in Seattle history?
    I submit #1 as HOWARD Schultz, #2 HOWARD Lincoln

    I also suggest if another HOWARD comes onto the Seattle sports scene, we tar, feather and ride him out on a rail!

    • art thiel

      Let’s not forget Ken Behring, George Argyros, Clay Bennett (he did own the team here), Jim Harbaugh, Alex Rodriguez . . . but you’re right, a poll might be in order.