BY Art Thiel 07:44PM 04/30/2014

Schneider: Seahawks QB Pryor still QB, for now

John Schneider said the trade for Terrelle Pryor was a good value for a seventh-round pick, but wouldn’t go any further about plans to use Pryor elsewhere on the field.

Seahawks GM John Schneider says Terrelle Pryor will be a QB — for now. / Drew McKenzie, Sportspress Northwest

Perhaps the most unusual move the Seahawks made in a relatively quiet off-season so far was expending one of GM John Schenider’s precious draft choices in a trade for — of all positions — quarterback. And of all QBs, Terrelle Pryor, the former Ohio State bad boy who flopped with the Oakland Raiders.

Speculation was immediate that Pryor would play a receiver position or perhaps be an H-back. But Schneider, meeting informally with writers Wednesday at team headquarters ahead of the draft next week, said coach Pete Carroll’s plan is to keep him behind center. So far.

“I always joke with Pete: ‘Is this fantasy football?” Schneider said, smiling, “And he says, ‘Yes.'”

It isn’t, of course, but Pryor is such an unusual athlete — a 6’5½, 245-pounder who can run a 4.36-second 40-yard dash — that he fits the profile of exceptionalism that Carroll covets.

“He comes in as a quarterback,” Schneider said. “(Raiders GM) Reggie McKenzie and I are friends, and he believes in him. We knew we wouldn’t get him on waivers. To acquire a player of that caliber with your seventh-round pick, we felt the value was definitely there and was worth it.

“Right now, no other options have been discussed.”

The Seahawks are obviously happy with starter Russell Wilson and back-up Tarvaris Jackson, who was re-signed in the off-season, and would seem to have little need for a third QB, although B.J. Daniels was on the roster for part of last season.

“We’ve shown the position is open to competition,” he said. But the glint in his eye said that the Seahawks, as is their custom, are open to change.

“Just once in the red zone,” he said, before the subject was changed.

In other current personnel news, Schneider said:

  • WR Sidney Rice, who has had multiple injuries in his eight-year pro career, including knee surgery to repair an ACL torn at midseason should be ready to go for the regular season.
  • He didn’t know whether WR Doug Baldwin, a restricted free agent, plans to sign his tender offer of $2.187 million. Baldwin has until Friday to receive offers from other teams, which is unlikely now. But Baldwin is in the Seahawks’ long-term plans.
  • Second-year RT Michael Bowie, a seventh-round pick a year ago, is “the next man up” to replace Breno Giacomini, lost in free agency.
  • He wouldn’t comment pre-draft on reports of a minor hip surgery for SS Kam Chancellor or LT Russell Okung (toe ligament) .”I don’t want to get into that. It’s not appropriate now. I’ll leave that to Pete to talk later about it.”
  • A couple of injured draftees a year ago, fifth-rounders CB Tharold Simon and DT Jesse Williams, are progressing in recovery from injuries and, if all goes well, should be able to participate in preseason camps.
  • He hasn’t made up his mind whether Jeff Ireland, added recently as a draft advisor after Scot McCloughan left the team to attend to personal business, will stay on as a full-timer. They have been friends for years. “It’s  really weird,” he said, referring to being back on the same side again (after three years together in Kansas City). “The other night we were openly talking about players. For the last 15 years we’d been saying, ‘You like this guy? Kinda.’ (Ireland:) ‘You like this guy? Kinda.’ (Now:) ‘”Yeah, I was BSing  you. I liked him a lot better than I said I did.'”


  • Edgar Martinez

    This move was made as much to keep him away from the Niners as to get him ourselves, I believe.

    • Matt712

      Spot on, Edgar. The Hawks just took the one guy, had he gone on to waivers, that SF would’ve gobbled up in a heartbeat. Physically, he’s practically a Kaepernick clone. SF has an embarrassment of riches to deal for him and would’ve been the perfect backup to Kaepernick. Secondly, they now have a Kaepernick clone to scrimmage against. I’d call that 7th round draft pick given up a defensive one.

  • 1coolguy

    “In Pete and John We Trust” is all I can say on Pryor, EXCEPT there is ALWAYS room for a 4.36!
    It will be real interesting to watch what they do with him.
    As for the weakest link on the team, the OL, I expect the Hawks will use a fair number of picks here. Keeping Wilson in one piece and in the lineup is priority #1 and frankly they have been very lucky he hasn’t missed time these 2 years.
    Having the OL strengthened with solid, dependable players would really be a godsend for Russell. 2013 QB sacks: RW 3rd @ 44 2013, 12th @ 33 in 2012.

  • repeater

    Even if he never plays a snap or makes the roster even, he could be valuable in pre-season to help the D better prepare for players like Kaepernick who only have a chance when they resort to their legs. We already keep Krapernick on lock down thru the air, as all those picks and fumbles while in the pocket show; if we stop him from running too, those 2 games next year will be hard to watch, unless your wearing blue and green of course

  • jafabian

    It’s no guarantee that Pryor makes the team. Just like with Kellan Winslow.