BY 12:50PM 05/14/2014

NHL bosses meet in Seattle with Mayor Murray

NHL leaders Bettman and Daly met with Mayor Ed Murray to see whether expansion can happen soon in Seattle. But progress on Hansen’s arena is minimal.


  • jafabian

    I can’t take this seriously at all. Bettman already used Seattle to parlay a new ownership group in Phoenix AND a new arena in Edmonton. He’s learned his lessons well from his time as general counsel and senior VP in the NBA under Sterno. If he really, truly wants the NHL to be in Seattle he needs to form a local ownership group that will commit to the franchise AND he needs to get the NBA to work with Chris Hansen in getting the NBA here. Because the arena won’t happen without one. Until then Bettman is all talk. I’m assuming he’s talking because a team needs a new arena or ownership group.