BY SPNW Staff 07:04PM 05/16/2014

Price launches, Seahawks’ top draftee catches

Former Washington QB Keith Price hit on a 63-yard bomb to top draftee Paul Richardson as the Seahawks opened a three-day mini-camp for rookies.

After helping open a new chapter at Husky Stadium last fall, Keith Price is trying to open a new chapter in his career with the Seahawks. / Drew Sellers, Sportspress Northwest

Discerning NFL fans don’t put a lot of stock in a three-day rookie camp, particularly when it’s 59 guys competing for a handful of spots on the roster and practice squad of a Super Bowl champion. That doesn’t mean there aren’t moments that tantalize.

Such was the case Friday at VMAC, when QB Keith Price hoisted a 63-yard bomb to WR Paul Richardson, who flashed the jets that made him the Seahawks’ top draft choice to help improve a champion.

“Oh my God — that guy is a blazer, man,” Price, the former University of Washington captain, said after practice. “He told me to throw him the ball deep. I seen one-on-one with him and I kind of let it rip. He made a great play and we scored a touchdown.”

The ball was airborne nearly 50 yards as Richardson, a Pac-12 rival of Price’s at Colorado,  blew past CB Eric Pinkins, a sixth-round pick.

Coach Pete Carroll was at the wrong end of the field, so he was eager get a better look on video.

“I want to see the deep ball that he caught,” he said. “Keith chucked one to him and he looked great . . .  there’s no question on how fast he is.”

There’s also no question Richardson fits in the Seahawks’ plan. Not so for Price. Bypassed in the draft, Price surprised some by accepting a free-agent deal with the Seahawks, who have four veteran quarterbacks on the roster, including Russell Wilson.

“It probably wasn’t three minutes after the draft — Pete Carroll made the call and I committed to him,” said Price, holder of 11 career/single-season passing records at UW, including the top career passer efficiency rating (143.2). “I like to challenge myself. I know if I could move up in depth here I would be able to move up in depth anywhere.

“Russell Wilson, Tarvaris Jackson, Terrelle Pryor — those guys are leaders. They know how to prepare and they have been teaching me. I’ve only been here for four days and they have (offered)  nothing but guidance for me. They’re very competitive spirits. It’s not a jealousy thing, it’s a competitive thing and I love being here.”

Carroll also had nothing but compliments, even though he knows Price’s chances to remain are small.

“He’s done real well,” he said. “He looks like he’s been around. He’s run more similar stuff. He’s got more background in that regard and you can tell.”

Price spent four years at Washington under Steve Sarkisian, Carroll’s former assistant at USC. So the set-up was not unfamiliar.

 “Identical,” Price said, a Los Angeles native. “It reminded me of U-Dub. It kind of brought back memories.

“I kind of had my eyes set here. I was very familiar with the system, very familiar with the coaches, and I love this place. I love Seattle, I love being here. It’s great competition at the quarterback spot and I’m a competitive guy.”

Price certainly is not delusional about his chances.

“I know it takes steps, and I’m way down there on the totem pole right now,” he said. “But I’m willing to work myself up like I did throughout my whole playing career.

“I constantly told myself that all I need is a foot in the door and I’ll take care of the rest. I’m studying my playbook relentlessly. I’m doing everything that I can to prepare myself to ultimately becoming a starter in this league.”


  • seastrong

    I think Price’s attitude about getting your foot in the door and studying the playbook relentlessly exemplifies why the Seahawks in general were so good last year because or team is full of those kind of guys. Guys who are experienced veterans or top draft picks generally (excluding Earl Thomas) aren’t going to have that drive and motivation to prove themselves. Not the case with someone like a Richard Sherman, Malcolm Smith, Michael Bennett, Russell Wilson, etc., etc., etc. Those kind of guys have Price’s attitude even after they’ve made it. I could see someone like a Clowney feeling like their just hot shit already and don’t need to prove themselves because they’ve already got a guaranteed spot waiting.

  • jafabian

    I’m anxious to see the new crop of players perform. I’m especially curious about Price. It wouldn’t surprise me if he makes the roster though I’m expecting him to be placed on the practice squad barring injury. Richardson is sounding like a steal of a draft pick.