BY SPNW Staff 02:05PM 06/11/2014

Parts of what you need to know about World Cup

The cost of a VIP package to the World Cup Final: $50,000. Brazil spent $3.5 billion in stadiums. Roster bonus for U.S. players: $76,000. It starts Thursday, so pay attention here.

Get your futbol on here. / Brasil 2014

One of the more compelling aspects of the World Cup is the exaggerated intensity of the whole thing. It’s a little like an Olympics, except it’s just one sport, and nearly every one of the nations represented think the national character is somehow represented in the outcomes. It’s nuts, but that’s part of the charm. did a little number-crunching and put together this World Cup By The Numbers Infographic, which explores the business and economic sides of the event and more in a way that’s less than smothering. Enjoy!

Wallet Hub's FIFA World Cup by the Numbers
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