BY 08:20PM 06/10/2014

Hansen adds to SoDo land purchases


  • jafabian

    IMO, self preservation on Hansen’s part. Even though his NBA prospects are dim at the moment the fact that Victor Coleman of the prospective Seattle NHL ownership group shelled out $281 million for two city blocks near the stadium district. Potentially the NHL could be ready to go sooner than having the NBA here given the right situation. So the more land Hansen acquires the more he has to deal with when it comes to arena talks.

    • Edgar Martinez

      What do you mean dim? Ballmer is working on a plan to move the Clippers up here in the dead of night when nobody notices.

  • notaboomer

    hansen’s going to expand the strip club next to safeco field into a legal pot and stripper emporium.

  • Kirkland

    As a wise fictional German soldier once said while parting tall plants, “Veeeerrryyyyyy interesting.”