BY Art Thiel 11:35AM 08/12/2014

Update: Seahawks call Lynch allegation ‘bogus’

The NFL keeps records of many things, but it’s not clear whether the use of the word “bogus” has been offered by a team in dismissing a police investigation of a player is unique. So at least let’s call it rare.

Here is the complete statement from the team Tuesday morning regarding a pending investigation of Marshawn Lynch by the Bellevue Police Dept.:

“While we maintain the utmost respect for the investigative process, after speaking with Marshawn, we are comfortable these accusations are bogus.”

Well then.

Lynch was the object of a complaint by an unidentified woman Sunday alleging an assault and property damage at a Bellevue apartment. BPD released a statement Monday about the investigation of the alleged episode, which was unusual from a media standpoint because no arrest had been made, nor were there public accounts from witnesses.

The statement did say the allegation was not about domestic violence or sexual assault, and admitted the investigation had not yet determined whether the alleged perpetrator was Lynch.

The Seahawks obviously figured out to their satisfaction that Lynch committed no misdeed, particularly in view of the fact that training camp still requires curfew for players at the team hotel.

“I’m just going along with the statement that we made for right now,” coach Pete Carroll said after practice. “Just support whatever the statement was from the club.”

Asked what the team was told, he said, “It’s not a topic for us right now. We’re not talking about it.”

Lynch was a full participant in drills Tuesday and might see action Friday in the home exhibition opener against San Diego. Of Lynch’s practice, Carroll said, “Very good. Very good today.”

BPD said their investigation continues.



  • Big

    The Seahawks should help the Bellevue Police with their investigation.

    • art thiel

      All ’bout that inaction, boss.

  • Jamo57


    • art thiel

      Like, dude.

  • RadioGuy

    Bellevue PD has been earning a reputation for being a bit less than forthcoming with local media in recent years (I’ve even seen Linda Pillo’s picture on milk cartons), so this statement is probably a pre-emptive strike on their part to not find themselves lagging behind the story. Again.

    • Trygvesture

      Still, to name names at this point is below the pale– doesn’t reach the realm of ‘beyond’. What if they named names of everybody accused of anything in the greater Blahview metropolis? Think of the heyday the lawyers would have with the resultant defamation that follows from publically giving credence to any accusations, willy-nilly? Lynch may have done something– I sure don’t know. But sans charges, arrest, witness accounts or anything else except that Lynch was accused– they oughtta keep their traps shut as they would for anybody in the legal profession they might find has been accused of something. They wouldn’t tread on shark-toothed Blahview lawyers that way, you can bet. Maybe they ought to have a policy; maybe it ought to apply to everybody. Just saying.

      • art thiel

        Imagine the response if they caught, say, an offensive lineman peeing in public.

    • art thiel

      Pre-emptive is not what law enforcement does.

      • RadioGuy

        Hmmm…the Seattle PD is VERY pre-emptive downtown in preparation for the “anarchists” every May 1.

  • jafabian

    Instead of bogus they should have said pedestrian.