BY 11:00PM 08/12/2014

Potential NHL owner calls Seattle ‘perfect fit’


  • Kirkland

    With little being said publicly about the arena the last few months, it’s reasonable to guess that there’s been a lot of back-room dialogue between Hansen, Coleman and a few politicos. Very interested to hear what they could announce when the EIS is finalized.

    • Jamo57

      I agree. And I am sure this interview didn’t occur at random. I’m sure the timing was chosen. For what reason, only time will tell.

      • art thiel

        I think Coleman is sincere, but I’m not sure he understands Seattle politics, and not just the politicians. The final EIS will be litigated by opponents. Since none of us knows what the EIS will say, no outcome can be forecast. In the meantime, the best thing Coleman can do is put considerable skin in the arena-construction partnership, including guarantees that minimize the city’s risk.

        NHL teams aren’t as valuable as NBA teams, and that is an issue for the council to make sure the public butt is covered in event of default.

        • Jamo57

          All true, Art. As Western Washington residents, we know where this is headed. However given the fact he has a ‘handshake agreement’ with the Hansen camp, I don’t think he was out going rogue with this interview. Levin did that last year which probably ended all possibility for him to work with the NBA ownership group. Of course, Hansen may not have full understanding of Seattle politics ultimately either.

    • jafabian

      Agreed. I’m feeling good at this eventually happening. Moreso than the NBA returning. It’s becoming a matter of when and not if, though it could also all fall thru. Hope it doesn’t.

    • RadioGuy

      It all sounds great, but I’m from Missouri until it actually happens. Remember the guy from Chicago who wanted to buy an NHL team to play at an arena in Bellevue? Potential owners are a dime a dozen. When Gary Bettman and the City of Seattle both say “We have a deal,” THEN I’ll take it seriously.

      Hope is great but reality is what we have and the reality here is that we’re all waiting to see what’s in the EIS…nothing moves forward before then.