BY SPNW Staff 05:25PM 08/13/2014

Lambright pleads not guilty to assault charge

A trial has been scheduled for Oct. 29 in Snohomish County District Court to resolve a fourth-degree domestic violence /assault charge against former University of Washington head football coach Jim Lambright, who pleaded not guilty in a case that involves his wife and 23-year-old granddaughter.

The 72-year-old Lambright, who coached the Huskies from 1993-98, was arrested June 18 at his Snohomish-area home. The charge against him was not filed until June 30. He appeared for arraignment in Snohomish District Court’s Evergreen Division Tuesday after failing to appear for his scheduled arraignment last week.

Following Lambright’s June 18 arrest, prompted by a Snohomish County deputy sheriff’s response to a 911 call, the former coach was booked into jail and released the next day on his personal recognizance.

Lambright’s wife of 34 years, Lynne, told police that she witnessed her husband’s assault on their granddaughter and added that the former coach “has consistently pushed and shoved her over the course of their marriage.” According to a probable cause document, Lambright’s wife “stated that she is truly a battered wife, both physically and verbally.”

Lambright told police that he was sick of his granddaughter’s “attitude” and asked her to leave his house. When she refused, Lambright grabbed her by her arms in an attempt to force her out. According to a Snohomish deputy’s statement, Lambright yanked the granddaughter to the floor and dragged her five feet. At that point, she escaped and ran for help.

Lynne Lambright also told police that the ex-coach suffers from dementia and “explosive disorder.” In his probable-cause statement, the deputy wrote that Lynne and two granddaughters requested a no-contact order, saying they felt threatened by Lambright’s “escalating level of aggression.”

Lambright said he had “no problem” with the no-contact order.

Lambright compiled a 44-25-1 record and coached the Huskies in four bowl games, winning the 1997 Freedom Bowl 51-23 over Michigan State. He was fired by athletic director Barbara Hedges following a 45-25 loss to Air Force in the 1998 Oahu Bowl.

Snohomish Court documents relating to the case can be found here.


  • Seattle_Guy

    Very, very sad for the entire family. I hope there will be healing.