BY Art Thiel 12:14AM 08/14/2014

Bellevue cops: Lynch ‘not involved in any way’

The Bellevue Police Dept. agrees with the Seahawks: The charges against RB Marshawn Lynch were bogus.

The two-day investigation of a woman’s claim that Lynch was responsible for an assault and property damage at a Bellevue apartment ended late Wednesday night when the department issued a statement that said, “He was not involved in this incident in any way.”

The investigation continues but without Lynch as a suspect.

A mystery remains as to why BPD sent a statement unsolicited to many media outlets that said Lynch had been accused in the 2:30 a.m. Sunday incident, but also admitted it was unsure if he was even involved.

The Seahawks in a statement Tuesday called the claim “bogus,” which was a rare term for refuting a police investigation. But the team was in training camp mode, in which players were in a secured hotel under a curfew and subject to bed checks.

Perhaps BPD has the preseason NFL lead in turnovers.


  • Will

    Later in the day, Bellevue police also said Art Thiel, President Obama, Queen Elizabeth and everyone living in Greenland were not involved in the incident.

    • art thiel

      You, however, remain a suspect.

  • Toast

    Can someone arbitrarily accuse a public figure of a crime to garner headlines and attention?
    That should be a crime in itself.

    • Eric K

      Especially when they are dumb enough to accuse a football player during training camp when he is in a hotel with team security .

      • art thiel

        Sleep Mode.

    • art thiel

      But if we arrest the BPD, who stops John Moffitt from peeing in Lincoln Square?

  • Big

    BPD: Hercule Poirot has to tip for you, use the little grey cells.

  • Trygvesture

    Keystone Kops. I do hope they will get asked why they pulled a stunt like that. The answer will be a BPD face-saving statement that will surely be another gaffe– and their deserved reputation as Farce with a Badge will continue to grow…

  • Kirkland

    After Duke lacrosse, I reserve judgment on criminal accusations until concrete evidence pops up. Easy to strain your hamstrings jumping to conclusions.

  • The Hawk-haters were out in force all over the interwebs blathering on about how this is just “more of the same” from the Seahawks. The hell of it is, on the internet, nobody ever has to eat their words.