BY SPNW Staff 10:46PM 10/30/2014

Seahawks’ Thomas makes a new, um, friend


  • jafabian

    Earl needs to go on Between Two Ferns next!

    • I was thinking that same thing. Ha!

      • art thiel

        South Park needs to have an entire Seahawks show.

  • Bayview Herb

    As I read the sports page in the Spokesman-Review this morning, the lead by Arnie Stapleton of the AP, said, “The greatest quarterback rivalry in NFL history …
    He should have said, the greatest in my cognitive lifetime. I am 76 years old and remember guys like Johnny Unitas vs Bart Starr and in basketball, the greatest that ever lives, “Michael Jordan.” Jordan should have played against Jerry West or Elgin Baylor.

    Too often writers and broadcasters cannot envision anyone they haven’t watched play. Well Pal, look u some stats from the ’50’s and ’60’s. They happened in my lifetime, Junior.

    • art thiel

      Every generation holds the the sports heroes of his or her childhood in highest regard. Human nature.

      • Bayview Herb

        That was my whole point.

  • Its onlySports(DavidWakefield)

    That was a very Awkward commercial…ET pocketed a little dough and didnt end up on IR over it all so its all good I guess in making a new but Quirky Electronic friend. Dont get into the Hot Tub with him Earl no matter how many Hotties are basking in the leisure scene!That could give you a perm…or permanent frizzle curly hairs.