BY SPNW Staff 09:04AM 11/24/2014

Lynch goes Least Mode for media duties

After being fined $100,000 by the NFL for not doing mandatory interviews, Seahawks RB dispenses with the task Sunday in a most passive aggressive way.


  • jafabian

    He should have quoted Vinnie Barbarino. “What? Where? When?”

  • notaboomer

    what i would have asked: “are you excited that the seahawks are now bowl-eligible?”

    • art thiel

      Marshawn: Yeah.

  • Will

    Mandatory taking w/ the media boys (it’s still mostly a boys club) is lame … the fallout from Lynch not wanting to talk is, the media boys will continue to hound him far more than other players.

    If he just says a few cliches, mentions a few basic x’s and o’s and compliments the other team, the coaches and his mom … the results is predictable – the media boys will swarm on someone else with the potential for controversy and Lynch would be left in peace.

    • art thiel

      Speaking as one media boy, I don’t care if Marshawn talks, but the more he refuses, the more interest he creates.To your point, reader boy: it is self-defeating.

      • notaboomer

        you go, media boy-:)

  • 1coolguy

    It’s too bad Lynch shows no respect for the reporters, who are simply doing their job. To spend 5 minutes answering questions with some legitimate thoughts is awfully minimal, especially for a multi-millionaire, money the reporters will never see.

    • notaboomer

      i wish a reporter would just say “why are you being such a dick, mr. lynch?”

  • art thiel

    (Responding to 1coolguy) Lynch believes a media conversation does nothing for him, or anyone, including the team. He sincerely believes it, but he’s part of a union that disagrees, and has signed him and every player to a standard contract that includes interviews. Sports teams have had numerous iconoclastic players over the years. It’s always been an awkward fit.

    • John M

      Actually, I think Marshawn should be fined for the hat . . .

    • 1coolguy

      Well, he’s the only one. As I mentioned in my original post, I do not think dissing the reporters is appropriate, professionals who are doing their job. For Lynch to not respect this is very selfish and as ALL the other players, to my knowledge, give interviews, apparently they understand this is part of their job and frankly, I expect most if not all enjoy it. Lynch being “different” really is no excuse, even though I don’t read many player interviews, if any.
      What is especially odd, is hearing from Carroll and the other players that he is talkative in the locker room and on the sidelines and has things to say that are worthwhile.
      I hear you Art as to to not caring whether Lynch talks, yet wouldn’t you prefer he did?

  • 3 Lions

    Disappointing. He could be using the opportunity to get his point across about any number of issues/causes that are important to him but chooses to perpetuate the notion that athletes are out of touch w society. He’s gonna kill the golden goose here in Seattle if he’s not careful. It is a shame because I think ML is smarter than this.