BY Art Thiel 11:38AM 11/30/2014

Report: Lynch (again) mulling retirement after ’14

More speculation on the endless mystery of Marshawn Lynch:’s Ian Rapoport, via anonymous sources, wrote Sunday that the Seahawks’ star may retire after the 2014 season, at least partly due to health. That would mean walking away from a $5 million base salary due him in 2015, but his increasingly public efforts to play through pain suggest that it is a plausible reason.

Nothing is imminent, or on the record, but Lynch, 29 in April, did tell some of his teammates after the Super Bowl win that he was contemplating retirement. But that was later seen by many as an attempt to create leverage for more money, which developed into an eight-day holdout from training camp.

Lynch came in after getting $1.5 million more when the Seahawks guaranteed bonus money that had yet to be earned, some advanced from his scheduled earnings in 2015.

Rapoport also identified part of the physical problems Lynch is having: Compression of cartilage in his spinal cord. During the game in Kansas City, Lynch stayed on the sidelines at halftime to save energy and receive treatment on his back, prompting national speculation about division between Lynch and coach that was unfounded.

But if he is healthy enough for another year, Rapoport speculated that he might request a trade to any team that would hire Seahawks assistant Tom Cable as a head coach. Cable, a Snohomish native and former head coach in Oakland, may be an attractive hire because of all the success Seattle has had with his specialty: A dominant run game despite average line talent and the relentless Lynch.

Bringing Lynch along for even a year figures to enhance Cable’s resume, and speaks well to the relationship he has fostered with Lynch and his outlier personality.

Coach Pete Carroll said recently that the Seahawks want Lynch for as long as he can play, attempting to scotch previous speculation that their differences might impel the Seahawks to trade or waive him before 2015.

The Seahawks (8-4), winners of five of their past six after beating the 49ers in Santa Clara 19-3 Thursday, play the Eagles in Philadelphia Dec. 7.



  • TimJoFred

    Lynch and Cable will all be in Seattle for next year. That people continue to speculate about this is foolish. Carroll resurrected both of their careers. No one in Seattle is tired or fed up with Lynch. Cable is the epitome of a great assistant head coach and he is paid accordingly.

    • RadioGuy

      What Lynch has done the past several games is almost superhuman because he is hurting badly. Unless he needs the money, why wouldn’t he consider walking away from the game while he can still walk, period, especially if it means he no longer has to deal with what he considers the peripheral garbage the league and media heap on him? Besides, it may not be his choice. Or has Russell Wilson ever said he’d take less money to remain in Seattle after his contract is up? He’s going to be able to command $20 million a year…where’s that going to come from under the salary cap in Seattle?
      PC himself took the Seahawks job (in part) to seek redemption from falling short previously as an NFL head coach…why wouldn’t Cable take another offer as a head coach for the same reason?
      Loyalty is great, but this is ultimately a business and players have a short window because at the time most people are entering their prime years, they’re wrapping it up on the field. Never forget that.

    • Its onlySports(DavidWakefield)

      They never have to motivate Lynch to give a more pronounced effort. He wants the ball as often as possible.He is the epitome of a “gamer”.
      I also think they will figure out a way to keep these guys here. They practically sent the buffalo front office smoked salmon and other puget sound delicacies just to get their attention that we want your running back Lynch that you dont use so much anymore. That trade was one of the better ones in Hawk History. Do you guys remember the names of the lackluster backs Seattle paraded through the prior 3years pre Lynch?File it under forgettable names. Only Justin Forsett is finally doing something elsewhere and literally has doubled his career total with Baltimore this year.
      I think when all is said and done Carroll keeps him for at least the final year assuming his back isn’t worse than any of us could imagine and he shows up at training camp with a cane next year. We have been lucky to see this guy pack the Hawk leather.

  • jafabian

    If Lynch is prepping things for another holdout that would be the final straw. He has said he feels the Seahawks front office talks too much to the media and I have to disagree. You rarely hear anything from John Schneider and Pete Carroll, despite the many challenges he gets, has been supportive of him. Lynch should be grateful he isn’t in Dallas or Washington. I think quietly Seahawks management is weary of Lynch’s idiosyncrasies but as always, winning solves everything. Chris Collinsworth said on Thursday that Lynch is arguably the best RB in the league and I’d add an “un” in front of that.