BY SPNW Staff 02:50PM 01/08/2015

Report: NFL upholds Lynch’s $100,000 fine

An NFL source confirmed to ESPN Thursday that Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has lost his appeal of a $100,000 fine for not talking to media. The league docked Lynch Nov. 19 following several warnings, and fined him an additional $11,050 on Christmas Day for making for grabbing his crotch in the aftermath of a 79-yard touchdown run at Arizona.

The NFL fined Lynch $50,000 for evading reporters this season and added a $50,000 fine from 2013 that was imposed — but delayed — on the condition that he speak to the media.

In a Seattle Times phone interview Thursday with Doug Hendrickson, Lynch’s agent was clearly furious.

When a player wants to do his talking on the field and doesn’t want to speak, I think it’s rare — I think it’s refreshing,” he said. “And I think it’s kind of appalling that the league is going out of their way to impose a $100,000 fine when they have their own business to take care of in-house and they are worried about this. I think it is literally outrageous.’’

He didn’t indicate whether Lynch would change his position on interviews. The NFL, in bargained agreement with the players union, requires each player make himself available once during the week and post-game.

Lynch has reluctantly tried to deal with the media since the $100,000 fine was announced, giving a series of one-word answers to every question, including “yeah,” “thank you” and “maybe.” After the regular-season finale against the St. Louis Rams, Lynch answered every question with, “Why do y’all keeping doing this?”

Lynch and the Seahawks are favored by 10½ points over the Carolina Panthers in their NFC divisional playoff game at 5:15 p.m. Saturday at CenturyLink Field.



  • notaboomer

    sure but what about the crotch grab from hell run? woohoo!

    • Bayview Herb

      If that run wasn’t worth a crotch grab, then nothing will. One thing nice about Bayview, Idaho, where I can fondle my crotch without anyone noticing, is that they just assume I’m scratching an itch.

  • hb2p

    Amazing, he doesn’t talk and gets fined $100K, Suh steps on somebody (2nd time for him, and 2nd time in 2 weeks for the Lions) and gets fined $90K.

    What exactly are the NFL’s priorites??

  • Bayview Herb

    $ 11,000 for scratching an itch? These fines are way way more than the situations deserve. Lynch is paid to play football, not to stroke sportswriters. That these hacks would even stoop so low as to complain ranks them even lower than hack status.

    • Big

      Herb,right? Like smoking herb, right? Ok, just kidding.

      • Bayview Herb

        Actually, I’m an Idaho resident, formerly of the Seattle area.Rather than smoking a substance still unlawful in my state, I’m just a mouthy opinionated curmudgeon of 76 years. Thrown out of Renton High School after somehow graduating in 1956, I served four years in the USAF, followed by an unspectacular sales career. I now live in North Idaho. I attended the first ever games of the Seahawks vs St. Louis and the first Mariners game as well. Most of you don’t remember that A new draftee for the Seattle Pilots, was one that became a renown Mariners manager, Lou Pinella. Herb smoking where I live is still a private affair, though with all of the taxes loaded on the weed in Washington, black market is still about half that price, which brings us to what was Washington’s motive. Freedom, or income. (the best of intentions are subject to unintended consequences. Check m y blog out. for other less than perfect utterances of a senile old man with nothing better to do.

        • Big

          Thanks, I will check out your blog which sounds interesting.