BY SPNW Staff 05:54PM 01/13/2015

Assault charges against Hope Solo dismissed

A fight June 21 in Kirkland between soccer star Hope Solo and family members drew national attention in part because of criticism of the NFL and its domestic violence policy.

Hope Solo is in training with the U.S. Women’s National Team preparing for the World Cup. / Wiki Commons

Hope Solo’s most recent controversy is over. A Kirkland Municipal Court judge Tuesday dismissed domestic assault charges against the U.S. women’s soccer star and Seattle Reign goalkeeper. Her accusers, both relatives, refused to be interviewed by Solo’s attorney despite a court order to do so.

“Today’s decision brings closure to what has been one of the most difficult and emotionally draining times of my life,” Solo wrote on Facebook. “I always had faith that once the facts of the case were presented, I would be cleared of all charges, and I am so happy and relieved to finally have it all behind me.”

She had faced two counts of fourth-degree domestic violence assault for allegedly striking and punching her nephew and half-sister.

Attorney Todd Maybrown said in a statement, “We are gratified that, after considering all of the facts and circumstances of this case, the judge has dismissed all charges. With a careful review of the facts surrounding these matters, it is clear that Hope never should have faced charges in the first place.”

The episode drew national attention not only because of Hope’s notoriety, but because it came at a time when the NFL was facing intense scrutiny over its policies on domestic violence following the Ray Rice case. The U.S. Women’s Soccer Association came under criticism for taking no action against Solo.

Solo, 33, appeared “intoxicated and upset,” according to a police report when they were summoned via a 911 call to a Kirkland home June 21. It was alleged that an argument escalated into a fight after Solo showed up in a bad mood after her husband, former Huskies and Seahawks football star Jerramy Stevens, refused to take her to a flight.

The nephew, 17, was reported to have scratches, cuts and a torn shirt.

In a Facebook post several days after the incident, Solo said it was a typical family dispute.

“I love my family dearly,” Solo wrote. “We, like all families, have our challenges, but my sincere hope is that we are able to resolve this situation as a family. Adversity has always made us stronger, and I know this situation will be no different.”

Solo, in Carson, CA., training with the U.S. Women’s National Team preparing for the World Cup in Canada this summer, was not in court Tuesday. She is a two-time Olympic gold medal winner. The team’s next match is Feb. 8 in France.

“I look forward to joining my team with a clear mind,” she said, “to train, compete, and help bring a World Cup title to the U.S. in 2015.”

Controversy has followed her for much of her career.

“I don’t expect any of the media to be positive,” Solo told CNN in 2012. “But I know that I’m doing wonderful things for the sport of soccer, and I know I’m doing amazing things for female athletes. So I can take it.”


  • RadioGuy

    Like a lot of people, I figured this was just Hope being Hope until I read that witnesses were changing their stories, a la the Ferguson “witnesses.” At that point, I expected this one would be tossed. Mea culpa for assuming the worst solely on her past history.

    • Big

      Is Solo a ticking time bomb?

      • art thiel

        Dunno. Who isn’t, given the right provocations?

    • art thiel

      When it comes to families, it’s never surprising to see the accusers change their minds when the consequences are realized. It can easily be seen that nephew and sister didn’t want the court ordeal as much as Hope ddn’t.

  • notaboomer

    Solo wrote on Facebook. “I always had faith that once the facts of the case were presented, I would be cleared of all charges,

    sure, but that didn’t happen. the case was dismissed on procedural grounds and the prosecutor has not backed down on the charges. if solo is so hopeful and confident, why not roll the dice and go to trial so the facts can actually come out and she can become the role model she imagines herself to be? or maybe she has so bullied her relatives that they wouldn’t show up at trial to testify. happens every day in the usa.