BY SPNW Staff 07:21AM 01/25/2015

NFL places Seahawks, Lynch on notice

The NFL has warned Marshawn Lynch and the Seahawks that the team will be penalized if Lynch makes another crotch grab Sunday in the Super Bowl.

Marshawn Lynch has been warned about making vulgar gestures. / Drew McKenzie, Sportspress Northwest

The NFL has placed the Seahawks and running back Marshawn Lynch on notice that if Lynch makes another vulgar gesture after scoring a touchdown, or any other time during Super Bowl XLIX Sunday, the team will be penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Lynch has been fined twice this season for grabbing his crotch following touchdowns, but no penalties were assessed because game officials did not see them.

The league hit Lynch with a $20,000 fine following the NFC Championship game against Green Bay for grabbing his crotch following a 24-yard TD run in the fourth quarter. Lynch received a $11,050 fine after a similar incident against Arizona in Week 16.

“If he does it after scoring a touchdown, that means they (Seahawks) will kick off from the 20-yard line,” Dean Blandino, the league’s head of officiating, told ESPN.

The NFL has also placed Lynch on notice that he faces steep fines if he avoids his media obligations this week. Lynch has already been docked $50,000 for missing media sessions in each of the past two seasons, and faces another fine for declining to talk after the NFC Championship game.

The NFL said it will fine Lynch more than $50,000 for his next violation and increase the amount for any subsequent violations. Lynch and the Seahawks are scheduled to meet the media Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The Seahawks departed Seattle Sunday with a scheduled arrival in Phoenix at approximately 1 p.m. PT



  • Ron

    Aren’t the player fines given to charity? So maybe grabbing his crotch is just Lynch’s way of giving back to the community. More players should be doing it.

    • John M

      I think the NFL keeps all or most of the money from fines. Some may go to the NFLPA . . .

      • 1coolguy

        It ALL goes to charity, 100%, including the retired NFL veteran’s fund. Simply google “where do the NFL player fines go”

        • John M

          I stand corrected . . .

  • RadioGuy

    First it’s the deflated footballs, now this. When do people (or the media, anyway) start paying attention to the actual GAME instead of NFL-manufactured soap operas?

    • John M

      I understand your frustration, but I think deflate-gate is a serious issue. Regarding crotch grabs, the way Lynch does it doesn’t bother me at all, but you know if they let it go some guys would try to see who could be the most outrageous and ultimately it would turn off the audience. I guess Lynch can afford to play expensive games, but it also causes more attention from the zebras toward the whole team, which could (and I think has) cost yards and touchdowns. Lynch doesn’t seem to care about this . . .

      • RadioGuy

        Guys, this is “cheating” like driving 69 MPH on I-5 between Seattle and Tacoma is cheating because we’re going 15% over the speed limit. I’m not condoning cheating, just saying there is WAAAAY too much attention being paid to something that is neither new nor limited to the Patriots.

        The thing is, Roger Goodell has to be loving this because look at all the free publicity his league is getting. It’s the LEAD story on NATIONAL NEWSCASTS! This reminds me of the old pro rassler Lumberjack Luke calling people in Yakima “pig farmers” back in the 70’s. Yakimans were pissed off but they also filled the Armory…after they paid first.

        As for Marshawn and Crotchgate, as long as it’s only cost him money (which goes to charity anyway), it hasn’t been a problem. But if it’s worth a 15-yard penalty, best not to do it even if he has to REALLY go.

        • John M

          Poor analogy, Radio Guy. Going 9 over the limit is not gaining an “advantage” over other motorists. The Patriots cheated to give Tom the advantage of a better grip on a wet ball. And then they lied about it . . .

          • RadioGuy

            Sure it’s an advantage. Ever try to make a ferry with only a few minutes before it sails? Staying at the speed limit isn’t always going to get it done and you might have to pass some people, including others trying to make that same boat, to do it.

            We’ll have to agree to disagree on my analogy, which was simply that this incident does not qualify for such scrutiny…or does anyone seriously believe the Colts would’ve won with those two extra PSI? This is not Ray Rice or Rae Carruth, but you’d never know it from all the hysteria.

    • 1coolguy

      Deflategate is about cheating and no matter how small must be squashed. I hope the NFL always makes a big deal out of cheating and nails the Pats for a 1st round draft choice and monetary fines that come out of Kraft’s pocket.

    • jafabian

      Deflategate works in Marshawn’s favor. The media will be more interested in Brady and Belichick than him. Heck, all Marsshawn has to do is go “Look! There’s Tom Brady” and the media will run away from him.

  • Big

    Let us hope ML doesn’t get a crotch itch. Semantics, taunt or unsportsmanslike conduct the Hawks need to avoid the penalties.

  • 1coolguy

    Hopefully he will listen this time. Hey Marshawn: enough is enough, you have proven whatever point it was you were after.

  • mindful
  • The NFL is selling pictures of Beast Mode holding them, but there is no information on whether or not they’ve been deflated.

  • lucky irvin

    seems to me those who don’t play
    have no right to intrude into a locker room
    recovering from the effort
    if you are not invited
    you have no business among the hard men

  • Vern

    “If he does it after scoring a touchdown, that means they (Seahawks)
    will kick off from the 20-yard line,” Dean Blandino, the league’s head
    of officiating, told ESPN.

    So, if he had been flagged against GB, the penalty would’ve been assessed on the ensuing kickoff and not the PAT, making your previous story about it incorrect. :)

    And there I was telling people at work that the Hawks would’ve had to attempt the 2 point conversion from the 17 instead of the 2 after reading your article. :(