BY SPNW Staff 01:28PM 01/25/2015

Report: Falcons to hire Quinn day after SB XLIX

The Atlanta Constitution reported Sunday that the Atlanta Falcons — to no one’s surprise — will name Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn as their head coach the day after Super Bowl XLIX. Quinn, who has presided over the NFL’s top-rated defense each of the past two seasons, had two interviews with the Falcons, who cannot officially name Quinn until after the final game.

According to the Constitution, Quinn will call Atlanta’s defensive plays and probably will be assisted by Raheem Morris, former head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2009-11). Quinn coached Morris at Hofstra in the 1990s.

The Falcons have already hired Kyle Shanahan as their offensive coordinator.

Quinn coached Seattle’s defensive line in 2009-10 before taking a job on the University of Florida staff in 2011. Quinn returned to Seattle Jan. 17, 2013, after then-defensive coordinator Gus Bradley departed Seattle to become head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Under Quinn’s direction, the Seahawks led the NFL in fewest points and yards allowed for two consecutive seasons, reaching the Super Bowl both years. In Super Bowl XLVIII, Quinn’s defense held Peyton Manning and the highest-scoring offense in history (37.9 points per game during the regular season) to eight points.


  • RadioGuy

    No surprise that Atlanta wants Dan Quinn as their head coach, since he’s a pretty hot commodity right now, but here’s a hypothetical question: How badly does Quinn need this job that he’s willing to work for a franchise that has already chosen his offensive coordinator for him?

    Nothing against Kyle Shanahan, who may succeed in Atlanta after having little to show as an OC for Houston, Washington or Cleveland, but I’d sure be circumspect about going to a franchise that hires the guy who’s going to run my offense before hiring me.

    • Matt

      I had the same thought, RadioGuy. Seems like a bad move all the way around.

  • 1coolguy

    Wow, what a bummer. Quinn has such a good deal here, why leave? I understand the money is much more, yet so is the pressure and the team is only so-so. He will never be in a better situation, including management, than in Seattle.
    I would chill if I were him, as there will always be head coaching jobs available. Maybe he should talk to his predecessor Gus Bradley in Jacksonville about how great being a head coach is, let alone the humidity and general quality of life.

  • jafabian

    So who’s the next one to extend the Pete Carroll head coaching tree? Bevell? Cable? And there’s a lot of talk about Kris Richard becoming the new DC but wouldn’t Ken Norton Jr. get a shot at it as well?

    Quinn going to a better situation than Gus Bradley did with the Jags. The Falcons aren’t that far removed from their Super Bowl run.