BY SPNW Staff 06:11PM 01/29/2015

Seahawks upset after Thomas gets HGH test

The Seahawks were peeved Thursday after FS Earl Thomas was randomly selected to undergo testing for HGH following a quick recovery from a shoulder injury.

FS Earl Thomas is expected to play in Super Bowl XLIX despite sustaining a separated shoulder in the NFC title game. / Drew Sellers, Sportspress Northwest

Seahawks players are upset with the NFL for testing FS Earl Thomas for human growth hormone Thursday, according to an ESPN report.

While meeting with reporters, Thomas sported a bandage on his right arm after getting blood drawn, but, after venting on Twitter, he declined to go into specifics about the test.

In the NFC title game, Thomas separated his shoulder but returned to finish the game. He is expected to play against the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX.

“We are being treated like criminals, tested like people on parole,” said an anonymous Seahawks player.

The NFL started testing for HGH in October 2014. Under the new drug policy, the league each week selects five players apiece from eight randomly selected teams. According to ESPN, testing usually tapers off when training camp begins and stays infrequent through the postseason. Players can’t be tested on game days.

If a players tests positive, they are allowed to appeal through an independent arbitrator chosen by the league and the players’ union. Testing positive for HGH results in a four-game suspension.

Some players have been suspicious of the test when it follows a great performance or a rapid recovery from injury.


  • dinglenuts

    What are the odds that Robert Kraft put a bug in the commissioner’s ear?

    Keep in mind, I have no idea if the commissioner can unilaterally order a drug test or “suggest” that one be administered. With the NFL, though, I try to keep an open mind.

  • lb

    When do the results come out? What if it is positive?

  • Dave Mauro

    Something about Earl Thomas’ selection does not feel “random”. I’m sure Kraft would like to direct attention away from his Patriots and deflate gate (stupid name). Perhaps he discussed this with a recent dinner guest?

  • I’m interested. The original “-gate” scandal was “Watergate.” I wonder how many people know the role water played in that scandal.

    • RadioGuy

      Wasn’t it because the bungled political burglary took place at the Watergate Hotel? How interesting that something as trifling as that would lead to a presidential resignation compared to things that don’t seem to be worth even raising an eyebrow over today. Times have indeed changed.