BY SPNW Staff 06:00PM 02/11/2015

Seahawks face another major gauntlet in 2015

The Seahawks will play the fourth-toughest schedule in the NFL next season, according to data released Wednesday by the NFL. Seattle’s 2015 opponents, with a combined 142-112-2 record last season, had a .559 winning percentage. Only Pittsburgh (.579), St. Louis (.576) and Cincinnati (.563) face tougher slates than the Seahawks, who have played in back-to-back Super Bowls.

In addition to playing their usual six home-and-home games against the NFC West (Arizona, St. Louis, San Francisco), the Seahawks play teams from the NFC North and AFC North.

At home, Seattle will face Arizona, San Francisco, St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Carolina. On the road, Seattle will play Arizona, San Francisco, St. Louis, Green Bay, Minnesota, Baltimore, Cincinnati and Dallas.

The Seahawks defeated Carolina 31-17 in an NFC divisional playoff game at CenturyLink Field Jan. 10 and upended Green Bay 28-22 in overtime Jan. 22 to advance to Super Bowl XLIX. The Seahawks also lost to Dallas 30-23 at the Clink Oct. 12.

Former Seattle defensive coordinator Dan Quinn picked a good year to take over as head coach of the Atlanta Falcons. Based on 2014 records, the Falcons will have the NFL’s easiest schedule. Only four of Atlanta’s 2015 opponents finished with a winning record in 2014.

Dates and times of the Seahawks’ 2015 schedule won’t be released until spring.


  • jafabian

    I can see Dallas. Detroit, San Francisco and Cincinatti taking a step backwards. Baltimore and Carolina will be improved. All, of course, depending on free agency gains and losses, the draft and injuries.

    • 206iccness

      Agreed. If Hawks maintain their level of play from the last 3 years, which I don’t see any indications that they wont, it could be a 13-3 or better season In 2015. 3 Super Bowls in a row and the chance to win on Santa Clara’s home turf, yes please!!