BY Steve Rudman 09:19AM 02/19/2015

No word from Lynch, Seahawks might trade pick

Seahawks GM John Schneider wants to hear from Marshawn Lynch ASAP, and also wants to hear if any team is interested in acquiring Seattle’s 31st overall pick.

Seahawks GM John Schneider doesn’t know whether Marshawn Lynch will play in 2015. /

During his 15-minute press conference at the NFL combine in Indianapolis Thursday, Seahawks GM John Schneider had little new to add about the status of Marshawn Lynch, said he still hasn’t “gotten over” the team’s final offensive play in Super Bowl XLIX, and indicated that the Seahawks would be entertain offers for their 31st overall pick in the draft.

“I’m still not over that play,” said Schneider, referencing Russell Wilson’s goal-line interception that cost the Seahawks an opportunity to win back-to-back Super Bowls. “That’s the kind of play that’s always going to stay with you. It won’t go away. But it’s the kind of play that drives you. As an organization, we always talk about having no finish line, so we’re moving forward.”

The bigger question now is whether Lynch is prepared to play in 2015. Lynch, soon to turn 29, completed his eighth season in the NFL, including four and a half with Seattle. He’s already exceeded 2,000 career carries. While coming off a 1,300-yard, 17-TD season, he has reportedly contemplated retirement.

“We have no clarity on Marshawn’s situation yet,” said Schneider, who is willing to rewrite Lynch’s final contract year of a $5 million base to reportedly as much as $10 million. “Marshawn is a phenomenal player and a heartbeat guy. He’s done a great job of taking care of himself and he always comes in ready to go. But everybody needs time away from the game to push the reset button, and especially him with the way he runs the ball.

“I’ve talked to his representatives a bunch and he knows we want him play. But there are a lot of great running backs who have just walked away from the game. Marshawn hasn’t given us any indication that he would leave. So we have no idea right now what he’s going to do. But we’d like to know soon.”

Schneider did not specifically address the kind of upgrades he would like to make in the draft, but the Seahawks require boosts on their offensive and defensive lines, and at wide receiver, cornerback and tight end.

“The 31st pick is valuable,” Schneider said. “And if anybody’s listening, you can come and get it.”

Another major offseason storyline involves a new contract for Wilson, who is expected to become one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the league.

“We have no timeline on a new contract yet,” said Schneider.

Lane needs knee surgery too

Already booked for surgery to repair his broken left wrist, Schneider revealed CB Jeremy Lane injured his knee on the ssame Super Bowl play and will require surgery too.

Lane’s interception of a Tom Brady pass looked to be big for Seattle, but it proved costly when Lane left the game and had to be replaced by CB Tharold Simon, who was targeted 11 times by the Patriots for 91 yards and two scores.


“He hurt his knee and shattered his wrist on the same play,” said Schneider, who indicated it was unknown whether Lane would be available to open next season.


  • Bayview Herb

    Certainly being a multimillionaire could have a bearing on whether he wants to play next year. That’s the down side of paying a player a huge amount. They aren’t necessarily hungry anymore.

    • DJS425

      He was plenty hungry after his payday in 2012. I don’t think Marshawn plays for money. Money is nice, last years holdout was more than money, it was respect IMO. I know when he steps on that field he’s gonna give 110%. If he’s not gonna give 110%, he won’t put himself out there. He owns it to his teammates and himself to give 110% and if he can’t physically or mentally, he’ll retire. He won’t cheat himself or his teammates. I just hope he has the mental strength to come back refreshed and hungry. If he isn’t, can’t blame him for retiring.

  • jafabian

    IIRC, the Hawks have 2 extra picks. I’d like to see them move up in the draft and trade their first rounder and another pick and get into the top 15 if possible.

    • RadioGuy

      They typically take the opposite approach by trading a higher pick for two or more lower ones (which is probably what’s going on here). I’d say the Seahawks have made the latter philosophy work pretty well because ALL their draft choices matter…these guys don’t waste picks.

      As for Marshawn, who knows? He may be as tired of the ticky-tack stuff coming his way from the league office as he is of getting the hell pounded out of him every time he carries the ball. If his back is still causing problems, he’s got a real tough choice to make in the next few months. The money will never be better, but what price can you put on being able to walk upright and pain-free when you get older?