BY Adam Lewis 04:08PM 02/26/2015

TMZ report: Lynch thinks his new movie is bad

Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch’s representatives met with the director of his upcoming movie and demanded the trailer be taken down.

Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch’s acting career is off to a rocky start. / Drew McKenzie, Sportspress Northwest

Marshawn Lynch isn’t a fan of his upcoming biopic.

According to a Wednesday report from TMZ Sports, the Seahawks running back is demanding wholesale changes to “Family First: The Marshawn Lynch Story” before it’s released to the public. 

Earlier this week, a strange promotional trailer for the movie was released, to mixed reviews. Lynch, according to TMZ, was upset with the sound, editing, lighting and that it didn’t look like a “big budget Hollywood affair.”

His representatives met Wednesday with the film’s director, Mario Bobino, and asked him to take down the almost five-minute clip until the movie is improved. As of Thursday afternoon, it was no longer available.

Bobino didn’t seem pleased, saying that Lynch, the film’s star, is hurting his fellow actors, some of which are Lynch’s family members.

“I’ve known Marshawn his whole life,” he told TMZ. “All of the sudden, he’s mad at me and now doesn’t want the film to see the light of day. I’m upset by this because he fully committed to see the project through and now he wants out.”

The director said he’s going to release the film “no matter what.” They’ve yet to set a date.

“I’m just upset and disappointed in Marshawn,” Bobino said. “Why are you afraid for the world to know who you really are? By blocking the film, it screws his mom and brother. Get out of that shell dude!”


  • Kevin Lynch

    If they can’t guarantee the full length of the film, I don’t see him signing off…oh, waitasecond, I’m sorry, this is the FILM and not the contract. My mistake.

  • Effzee

    That trailer made the film look legitimately gawdawful.

    • Its onlySports(DavidWakefield)

      Are you saying it is genuine “Trailer Trash”?

  • RadioGuy

    I’m getting the feeling that Bobino is a better talker than doing and that Marshawn wasn’t involved in post-production. Bobino has previously released three Oakland-themed films dating to 1999 and not one of them has a single user rating on IMDb, let alone a user review (and that’s a site where even the most obscure flicks get something).

    No telling how this is going to turn out but I don’t expect a good finished product.