BY SPNW Staff 09:45PM 04/07/2015

Mariners recap: Angels 2, Mariners 0


Angels starter C.J. Wilson was dominant with a two-hit, eight-inning shutout in a 2-0 win (box score) over the Mariners to even the season-opening series at one game apiece. Since 2005, Wilson has more wins against Seattle than any other pitcher. 

Essential moment

In the fourth inning after Albert Pujols doubled, David Freese homered to right center.


LHP James Paxton went strong six innings, giving up five hits with five strikeouts a walk (87 pitches, 52 strikes) but the one mistake to Freese was more than Wilson made. Wilson (98 pitches, 64 strikes)  struck out two and walked two.


Rickie Weeks and Nelson Cruz had singles. That was it.  Angels star Mike Trout had a double but two more strikeouts for five in the series.


Mariners manager Lloyd McClendon: “(Wilson) has been tough against us and tonight was no different. He pitched a helluva game. I thought Paxton was outstanding. The other guy was better.”


Against lefthander Wilson, McClendon started Weeks as DH and batted leadoff.  Cruz had his first start in right field, Justin Ruggiano started in left field  . . . Reliever Tyler Olson, the Gonzaga University rookie from Spokane, made his major league debut in the eighth inning and induced a 5-4-3 double play on his first pitch . . . The crowd of 26,545 was a big uptick from the second game vs. Angels on a Wednesday: 16,468.


Wednesday at Safeco: RH Hisashi Iwakuma (15-9, 3.52 in ‘14) vs. RH Matt Shoemaker (16-4, 3.04 in ‘14) . Root Sports TV, 710 ESPN radio.



  • MacPhisto92

    It took a full 2 games to see this team’s horrific offense rear it’s nasty head…..and stop saying “you gotta tip your cap to the pitcher” or “It’s baseball, nights like this happen” This is an absolute joke to have a shutout already. This is why I’m not buying into any of this undeserved Mariners hype until I see a change in this team’s pitiful offensive ways. I’m not sure why Loyd, and several writers all of a sudden believe this offensive will be explosive?? Why?? They signed one guy, then the front office went cheap…and watched several good hitters end up in San Diego……ONE guy…..a RIGHT handed hitter coming to Safeco where power goes to die….and that is supposed to be enough to turn this offensive completely around? Didn’t the M’s have nearly 50 games last year where they scored 0, or 1 runs? Expect the same this year………… Both Oakland and Anaheim will finish above the M’s this year, they are not making the playoffs

    • Trygvesture

      Could be, could be. Spot on about their single signing– just enough to appease the base. And, of course, keep the profits and equity appreciation rollin’– always Lincoln’s bottom line motivation. He may talk baseball intent, but he acts soley on his fiscal Prime Directive.
      Let’s hope they win anyway!

      • art thiel

        Ownership of Root and the burden of losing has altered Lincoln’s view. He wants to go out a winner, and if it means playing the financial game the way the rest of baseball does, he’s now willing to do it.

    • art thiel

      Mac, do yourself a favor and look around baseball. In the World Series were SF (88 regular wins) and KC (89). The Mariners won 87, with the crappy offense you mentioned. They were shut out a league high 19 times, and nearly made the playoffs. In MLB runs scored, SF was 12th, KC 14th and Seattle 19th.

      The game has changed drastically in 10 years, and will be pitching-dominant until rules are changed. The Mariners are pitching dominant. They added hitters Smith, Ruggiano and Cruz, who are all better career hitters that those they replaced. We’ll see what happens, but the Mariners improved their offense. Every team will get shut out now and then, and these days, way more often.

    • dinglenuts

      Man the lifeboats. It’s the second game of the season, and the SS Mariner is taking on water!

      Or, more likely, a light breeze tipped over a drink.

      If the Mariners are at the bottom half of offensive production at the end of May, then maybe you’ll have a point.

      The old adage holds true more often than not: good pitching beats good hitting. It’s a fact of baseball life, especially now.

      • art thiel

        See below, dingle. The game is drastically different than 10 years ago.

        • dinglenuts

          Yes. You’re preaching to a faithful member of The Choir. (And I’m ok with the current state of baseball affairs; I like pitching. I know it makes casual fans snore and bean-counters very nervous, though.)

          For the first time in, well, I don’t really remember how long, I’m approaching this season with some optimism for the Mariners’ chances. Cautious optimism though because, well, they are the Mariners.

    • RadioGuy

      Not saying your points are without merit, Mac, but we’re all of two games into a 162-game season…a trifle early to jump either on or off the bandwagon.

      Like you, I’m not convinced Cruz is going to be the game-changer everyone else seems to think he’ll be because he’s been able to put up good numbers in hitter’s ballparks and that’s something we don’t have here. On the other hand, they DID win 87 games last year with an anemic offense and their pitching should be at least as good. Pitching rules the game right now and the Mariners are loaded in that department.

      I think I’ll wait more than two games before giving a thumbs-up or thumbs-down on this team. Predictions mean nothing, as Mel Kiper proves every spring.

  • Joe Fan

    Hey, I’m happy if they win 2 out of 3, or 3 out of 4. Baseball is a grind and a long season. Win tonight and it was a successful series.

    • art thiel

      Mac says below that the Mariners offensive was described as “explosive.” Any writer who wrote that should turn in his BBWAA card and pay off his bar tab.

  • coug73

    Gosh, the glass is 2 games empty. Hoist the glass and toast to an M’s victory in game 3.