BY SPNW Staff 03:48PM 05/03/2015

Mariners demote 2 relievers; Beimel, Lowe next?

The Mariners are reworking their bullpen: Yoervis Medina and Tyler Olson were shipped out to AAA Tacoma Sunday following a four-game sweep in Houston by the Astros. The Mariners made no announcement about roster replacements, but likely candidates are veteran relievers Joe Beimel and Mark Lowe.

They would join the Mariners in Anaheim, where they begin a three-game series Monday against the Angels.

Medina, 26, has a 3.00 ERA and 1.50 WHIP in 12 innings this season. He’s made 141 appearances since joining the Mariners in 2013.

Olson was a big story coming out of spring. A 25-year-old rookie from Spokane who pitched four years for Gonzaga, he has a 5.40 ERA and 2.10 WHIP in 13.1 innings. He vaulted over Triple A after success at Double A, so playing in Tacoma is a first.

Lefthander Beimel, 38, and righthander Lowe, 31, have been in the Mariners pen in previous seasons. Both were signed to minor league contracts prior to the season.


  • Da Kid

    “8-1 favorites to win the AL West.” That’s why they call it gambling.

    Remember when people joked that adding the Stros to the West would finally give the M’s some guaranteed wins, some beyotches to totally own? Anybody seen those people lately?

  • mindful

    Well it is looking like it is May again and It is Feeling That it is this time, for the m’s to just blow it up again,

    Fire all the coaches now , Before we get the CY young winner and AL MVP winner with a 100 loses. It has been awhile since seen a team done that , SO I guess we got to root for that .

    Do it now JACK Z, before your gone on may 29 any ways at this rate . Do something crazy bring the entire triple AAA coaching staff up now.

    When your teams got all .250 and under hitters, there issues and major one at this point. and the pitching staff struggling to hide it lol . But mvp cruz and smith.

    Just look these stats so far .'R'&season=2015&season_type=ANY&league_code='MLB'&sectionType=sp&statType=hitting&page=1&ts=1430743404940

    Going for the all time hitting record, for worst hitting team in history.

    But you got to call up some pitchers , I would bet that half the triple AAA team could now hit better then this team.

    If manger call fire him now if Jack Z call fire him now.