BY Art Thiel 09:00AM 05/04/2015

Seahawks decline Irvin’s option; he’s not happy

Unsurprisingly, the Seahawks did not pick up the option on OLB Bruce Irvin’s fifth contract year, which was $7.8 million. Also not surprisingly, Irvin vented on Twitter.

The Seahawks didn’t pick up the option on LB Bruce Irvin final contract year. / Drew Sellers, Sportspress Northwest

The Seahawks apparently have declined their contract option on OLB Bruce Irvin’s fifth year, meaning he’ll play out this season and be eligible for free agency — unless he and the Seahawks negotiate a contract extension at less than the $7.8 million he was owed.

Given the pressure that the final year would have put on the Seahawks salary cap, the decision, due by midnight Sunday that the Seahawks have not announced, was no surprise. That didn’t mean Irvin, who will play this year at $1.7 million, was happy about it.

In a series of tweets late Sunday night, some profane, Irvin vented:

Before the draft, Irvin was the object of trade rumors regarding Atlanta, where his former defensive coordinator in Seattle, Dan Quinn, is now head coach. But nothing came of it. And coach Pete Carroll insisted Saturday after the draft concluded that the Seahawks want to re-sign Irvin.

“We met with Bruce (Friday) and it went very well,” Carroll said. “We discussed what our plan is and what we are planning on doing. It has nothing to do with the statement of how we feel about him in our program. We expect him to be here for a long time and we will work to get that done.”

The reality is that the Seahawks have already extended OLB K.J. Wright, and are working on an extension for MLB Bobby Wagner. To invest big money in a third linebacker creates a lopsided position on the defense’s payroll.

The same situation came up a year ago for LG James Carpenter, when his option was declined. The Seahawks claimed to want him, but he signed in free agency a four-year, $20 million deal with the New York Jets that he would never have received from Seattle.

While there are no certainties, that is a likely scenario for Irvin. He has always been honest with his feelings, and in another tweet, mentioned that he will instruct his son, Brayden, to be the same way.


He also tweeted: “I am a Seahawk!”


  • Matt712

    Haven’t looked at the tweets, but from the examples given, I’m not reading a negative attitude form Bruce – more like a “Bring it on, Ima crush this!” Kind of thing. That said, sometimes you’re the windshield; sometimes you’re the bug. In this case, the salary cap is definitely the windshield.

  • MacPhisto92

    I was happy to hear the Seahawks declined his option. I don’t know where all the love for this clown comes from…he’s been a bust in my mind, and in no way deserves a big contract from Seattle. He’s a head case….which isn’t always bad, if it manifests itself as crazy good play on the field, but this hasn’t been the case. His thug actions in the Super Bowl was the last straw for me. He’s been a bust, and I’m still bent on his complete no-show in the Atlanta playoff game a couple years ago when he filled in for an injured Clemons. Has it ever been confirmed he actually made that trip to Atlanta?

    • eYeDEF

      Completely don’t understand anyone who claims he was a ‘bust’ considering his play last year, which was excellent. His two pick sixes made the difference in two games when the offense was struggling against Oakland and St Louis in the finale. He generated plenty of pressure when they used him to rush the passer, he had more sacks than Avril. And he was excellent in coverage. The ‘bust’ label just doesn’t hew with reality and I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone in the league that would agree with that assessment.

      • MacPhisto92

        The Seahawks spent a 1st round pick on this guy, and he has failed to live up to 1st round expectations. Pete and John see it, and obviously don’t believe he’s worth extending. Perhaps you have lower expectations for first round picks than others do. It took the #15 pick overall 3 full seasons to start showing some potential? Thanks, but I’d rather see the Hawks spend their cap money elsewhere….this head case can take his talents somewhere else.

        • eYeDEF

          He’s not a “head case” just because you don’t like him. The team has Wilson’s contract to deal with or I’m sure he would have had his option picked up. He also dealt with a position switch and had a breakout season last year. He’s not the kind of player you let walk if there was any flexibility under the cap. The analysts at MMQB’s podcast yesterday including Robert Klemko and Andy Benoit expressed bewilderment his option wasn’t picked up considering how good a player he’s become. This is a guy who allowed a 52.9 opposing QB rating when targeted last year and generated 43 QB pressures when rushing the passer. That is not a ‘bust’ by any objective measure, those numbers are fantastic for any player, let alone one in his 3rd year. Sorry, but your argument it took “3 whole years” is bogus when he had a breakout season in year 3, Golden Tate did too. You think the team wouldn’t have loved to have kept him if they could have afforded it? You don’t think they would have kicked Percy to the curb and retained Tate knowing what they know now? Hahaha. Low standards my ass.

          • MacPhisto92

            You’re claiming ‘facts’ yet you’re using Tate as an example vs. Irvin? Did you really just compare a #15 overall pick to a late 2nd rounder? I’m starting to think you don’t know anything about football, and just flood message boards with ‘facts’ you hear on TV and radio. Have any thoughts of your own? Look, I know pot is legal now, but you’re not supposed to drink the bong water. This is the problem with most ’12’s’……they lose their minds when one of their own is criticized. Irvin’s a bum, and I’m glad he won’t be around after next year. I’d rather watch him underachieve and start brawls for the Raiders…

          • eYeDEF

            LoL! Your arguments have amounted to “Irvin is a bust because I think he’s a bum”. Hilarious!

  • RadioGuy

    I guess Mr. Irvin didn’t attend too many English classes over his four years at three colleges. Maybe he was ordering pizza.

    Don’t worry, Bruce. This is the NFL. You could be a serial axe-murderer and get a job as long as you can play…the rules you live by aren’t the ones the rest of us are expected to observe.

    • eYeDEF

      I really don’t think Irvin was ever worried about not having a job.