BY SPNW Staff 12:08AM 06/03/2015

Game recap: Yankees 5, Mariners 3 (11 innings)


Fernando Rodney’s third blown save of the season – it feels like more, doesn’t it? – helped the Yankees extend the game Tuesday night before Garrett Jones put away the Mariners  (24-28) with a three-run homer in the top of the 12th. The 5-3 loss (box score) was Seattle’s fourth in a row.

Essential moment

Rodney seemed to have recovered from a leadoff walk before giving up back-to-back singles with two outs in the top of the ninth inning. Stephen Drew’s RBI single tied the score 2-2 and turned those Alex Rodriguez boos onto one of Seattle’s own.


LHP Mike Montgomery was splendid in his rookie debut. He came within one strike of earning his first major league win. But Rodney’s familiar finish spoiled the party. The Mariners’ bullpen really let Montgomery down. Joe Beimel gave up Jones’ game-winner.


The Mariners had 14 hits and three walks and CF Austin Jackson (4 for 4, reached base six times) did everything he could. But three for 17 with runners in scoring position is a team curse that is not lifting.


“We’re in treacherous waters right now. That’s why they call me the skipper. At times like this, I’ll stand at the front of the boat for my guys. I’ll lead these guys, and we’ll get out of this.” – Manager Lloyd McClendon


C Mike Zunino had a career first — he was ejected for complaining about the failure to get called third strikes on Yankees hitters who attempted to check swings. As McClendon charged out to prevent Zunino from being thrown, McClendon was tossed too — but not before confronting each umpire with a finger-wagging denunciation. His tirade included a Piniella-esque kick of his hat –twice! — and drew a standing ovation from the Safeco Field crowd as he headed into the clibhouse . . . The Mariners sent RHP Mayckol Guaipe back to Triple-A before the game, clearing a roster spot for Montgomery . . . 3B Kyle Seager came up with two outs and runners on the corners in each of his first three at-bats. He struck out twice and grounded out to the pitcher on a bunt — stranding six runners by the fifth inning.


The Mariners hope to avoid the sweep in a Wednesday afternoon (1:10 p.m.) game. RHP Taijuan Walker (2-5, 6.18 ERA) hopes to build on his last outing, while RHP Masahiro Tanaka (2-1, 3.22) returns from six weeks on the disabled list to start for the Yankees.



  • Talkjoc

    It’s getting harder and harder to keep coming back to the table after eating what the Mariners are serving. So, the Skipper kicks his hat, goes off on the umps and gets a standing O. Whoopie do. He’d get a bigger O if he’d replace Rodney. The immediate question…with who? How about ANYONE. Plus, can ANYONE get a hit with RISP? Pretty simplistic I know. Looking like another summer, with the exception of last year, with Mariner fans of saying “bring on the Seahawks.”

    • art thiel

      Getting close to the edge. But they were about the same spot as a year ago. Getting little out of Weeks, Ruggiano, Bloomquist, Ackley is killing close games.

  • dingle

    Whenever someone says “Fernando Rodney,” I keep hearing “Heathcliff Slocumb.”

    • art thiel

      Fixed. Thanks.

  • Larry Gahlhoff

    Are the M’s better now than 5 years ago? Are the M’s better than they were 10 years ago? In 2010 the M’s finished 61-101, in 2005, 69-93. The names change the results are consistent. Anyone that is available in Tacoma is either not ready to contribute significantly or can only be viewed as a short term solution.
    Was Wedge right in his parting evaluation of Jack Zduriencik?

    • Kevin Lynch

      Wedge saw through the smoke and wasn’t willing to stay quiet.

      • coug73

        Wedge still out of baseball?

        • Kevin Lynch

          In the booth still? I think so.

          • art thiel

            Still doing studio work.

      • art thiel

        Which is why he hasn’t been hired for MLB jobs. No money in truth.

    • art thiel

      M’s definitely are more talented than any team in last 10 years. But few position players are even playing to a career average. Seems likely for an uptick.

      Wedge told some truths about the front office setup, but Chuck is gone. Z’s dealings from a year ago to now have paid off only in Cruz and Smith.

      • Larry Gahlhoff

        On most teams more talent usually equates to more wins, or at least relevance. Somehow the M’s haven’t solved the equation yet.

  • jafabian

    If Lloyd throws out the occasional ejection like last night’s 1-2 times a year he’s going to build quite a fan base for himself. Not that the past managers since Lou left didn’t care about winning but from a fan’s point of view it’s great to see the manager’s passion to win and support his players out there like that. I hope Junior saw this. He still laughs when he remembers Lou kicking his hat but to see Lloyd run to each umpire and give each of them a piece of his mind? That was classic!

    Rodney had such a dominating season last year I can see giving him one more chance and then it’s time to platoon the closer role. When you have five players hitting under .500 you can’t have a closer with a 6.85 ERA even if he has an acceptable save rate. Also think it’s time to make decisions about Ackley and Weeks. Can’t release Willie because he plays all positions, including 3B. If Seager goes down there’s no one who can play that position other than Willie. Weeks bunt attempt last night was unacceptable. It’s time to send a message to the players that if you can’t contribute, we’ll find someone who can. Zunino got the message when Castillo was brought in.

    • art thiel

      What do you do with a $7 million closer who can’t close? 7th inning? Not Rodney. They’re going to give him a lot more than one more chance.

  • coug73

    New promotion, Lloyd and Ump boxing toy.

    • art thiel

      I enjoyed seeing Lloyd run to an ump confrontation. And to complete the cycle of ump scolding . . . impressive.

  • Kevin Lynch

    They really need to jell soon. Tanaka tonight…. then a small 3-game breather on the schedule against a Tampa team that’s not well managed. But starting Sunday it’s calendar apocalypse time. Archer, Kluber and Bauer start a brutal three week run that includes some of the best teams in baseball. You’ll see Dallas Keuchel again if pitching schedules hold. And after Monday there is only one day off during this stretch. It’s put up or shut up. Good news is you have 6 with Houston and 3 with the Angels so if you can win games you can make up some ground in a hurry.

    • art thiel

      Time grows small because the Rangers have returned to relevance. Three good teams in front of Mariners always complicates a second-half run.

  • David Michel

    did not quite understand Seager’s bunt attempt with runners at the corners and 2 outs. our hitting ( or lack thereof) with runners on is getting painful to watch. Montgomery threw well, I was impressed. Bullpen is getting worn out, perhaps it is time to designate a longman, someone that can or will throw more than 1 inning. McClendon seems to be setting up for a 1 run game all the time, it is not working!

    • art thiel

      Lloyd isn’t setting up for it, he’s stuck with it given the offense. But bullpen overuse from the beginning is going to be a season-long problem. Medina and Maurer are gone, Wilhelmsen missed time and Leone and Luetge are struggling. Rodney is 38. Olson wasn’t quite ready. Problem is sneaky bad.