BY SPNW Staff 12:09PM 06/13/2015

Mariners recall Farquhar, designate Weeks

The reeling Mariners (27-34) Saturday recalled RHP Danny Farquhar from AAA Tacoma and designated for assignment OF Rickie Weeks. The Mariners, who play the second game of a three-game series with the Houston Astros Saturday afternoon, have 10 days to trade, release or outright Weeks’ contract to the minor leagues.

Farquhar is expected to be available to the Mariners Saturday. Optioned to the Rainiers May 25, Farquhar is 0-3 with a 6.46 ERA in 20 appearances. The 32-year-old Weeks hit .167 with a .513 OPS in 37 games.

LHP Mike Montgomery (0-1, 2.08) will make his third major league start Saturday. He will oppose RHP Collin McHugh (6-2, 4.34).



  • jafabian

    Didn’t think Jack would do that to Weeks since they have history but it’s the right move, especially since LoMo has shown he can lead off.

  • Trygvesture

    Jack is watching his large-target backside with vigor… finally.

    He is still a lousy GM. Was. Has been. Is. Will be.

    The Trumble deal, his aiming for creating a MacGuire/Canseco team with the Big Stick Award instead of assessing realsitic needs for a team in– what is now, Jack?— 2015 pretty much sealed his fate and made his backside look like a variety store logo.

    Watch: he’ll scramble and blame with less backhanded inuendo and more Bavasi-like smarmy stridency as the season stumbles ahead.

    Still in over his head, Lincoln will again be flummoxed out of his head, his universe and his well-ordered expectations that have failed to materialize for his entire MLB OJT.

    Felix pitches for a team that doesn’t play defense that well, but on the other hand, can’t hit a lick. The drive for personal bests generally, eventually, dries up and can’t cover the fundamental desire that top tier players have for championship contention. Wouldn’t running out there every 5th day for a proven loser that make the knife edge of performance a little harder place to keep one’s balance? We’re seeing comapatively eeensy things fell the King, twice now. Just saying.

  • Rj Smith

    What a bunch of clowns, these idiots can’t manage a roster. Hope they didn’t lose Ruggiano’s phone number. Maybe Franklin Gutierrez or James Jones get called up. Jones has been getting on base a lot in AAA, the M’s could use his speed in theory, but they probably couldn’t figure that out either. This is a bumbling clown show.

  • notaboomer

    Good but need to raise Jesus up from Tacoma!

  • Larry Gahlhoff

    A question to ask when evaluating Jacks’ performance over a significant length of time is, are the M’s better off now than they were at the beginning of his hire? Going beyond that immediate question could be another one which asks what are the common threads leading to such a consistent history of futility spanning decades.
    That aside, the M’s do not hold the worst record in the ML. They are currently ahead of Boston, Oakland, Milwaukee, Colorado, and Philadelphia (22-41, on a five game skid and going 2-8 in L10 yikes!).

    • Rj Smith

      So Z has been in charge for 7-8 years, how many above .500 seasons do they have? 2? How many homegrown stars? NONE. Don’t tell me Seager, he is a good player, not a star. When Z came here his reputation was scouting/developing players. That was his initial claim. Since then it has been a disaster. There are no impact players in the farm system. Don’t believe me, go check out the stats in AA. They have no impact bats or arms. No position players with speed or power…… why is that familiar? He needs to go, we need real baseball people to right this sinking ship.