BY Art Thiel 09:30AM 07/07/2015

Seahawks’ Wilson: He and Ciara are abstaining

In another interview that was nothing like his session with TV comedian Jimmy Kimmel, Wilson tells a San Diego pastor that he and Ciara are abstaining from sex for reasons of faith.

Russell Wilson and girlfriend Ciara at a state dinner at the White House. / White House

Russell Wilson apparently is a man of discipline, claiming during an appearance at a San Diego church Sunday that he and hottie girlfriend Ciara are practicing abstinence. Video of the wildly rambling interview with the Seahawks quarterback and pastor Miles McPherson below already has drawn a about a quarter of a million hits on YouTube.

Wilson told McPherson, a former NFL player with the Chargers from 1982-85 who is also the older brother of former Syracuse and NFL QB Don McPherson, that God spoke to him when the couple first met and said, “I need you to lead her,”  and that God “anointed” them to do something special: “If you can really love somebody without (sex), you can really love somebody.”

Laughing, Wilson said, “I ain’t going to lie to y’all now — I need you to pray for us.”

Of his final, fateful play in the Super Bowl that resulted in an interception and a loss, Wilson said God spoke to him afterward, saying, ” I’m using you — I want to see how you respond . . . and I want them (the world) to see how you respond.”

Wilson reported no update from God on negotiations for a contract extension with the Seahawks.


  • just passing thru

    So God is abstaining from contract negotiations?

    • art thiel

      I have no pipeline. Counting on Wilson’s. Question wasn’t asked by the loopy pastor.

      • John M

        Art, glad somebody said that about the pastor. Nothing really new about Wilson. His religion is the electronics inside his motor. He prefers the bible for inspiration instead of Road and Track. OK, now about that contract . . .

  • coug73

    More than I wanted to know.

    • art thiel

      C’mon, you now know who the 12th Man is.

  • 3 Lions

    I thought he seemed tense. Now you really have to wonder about his judgment:)

  • Dick/Johnson

    Russ also said that God lost $8k on the Packers.

  • jafabian

    TMI. At some point as a public figure you need to learn when your personal business should remain your personal business. Even in a church setting. With some things it’s a conversation to have with your pastor, not a church you’re visiting as a guest and probably won’t be returning to. Some might see what he said as a bit self-serving. Britney Spears anyone?

    If Wilson believes that God is using Wilson’s SB performance to see how he’ll respond it’s interesting that he’s seeking to become the highest paid player since that game and lets his agent make statements such as Wilson’s value should be measured in wins. IIRC when Walter Jones was continuously franchised by the club he was fairly silent. Something Wison ( via Twitter and interviews) and his agent haven’t been. Big Walt eventually got what he wanted without any controversy.

    • art thiel

      The NFL world has changed some since Jones’ holdouts. And as far as public forums, Wilson is free to do as he pleases, and I suspect you learned a thing or two about him from this video. Whether you like it is up to you.

    • Bayview Herb

      On the other hand, if what they are saying is real, given the dress, I’d say the conversation would have had it’s rumors abounding the other direction. Lose/Lose.

      • art thiel

        Herb, step away from the dress, slowly, then walk away.

        • Bayview Herb

          God advise. I’m gone.

    • John M

      Right J.A., I doubt God would be miffed if Russ settled for a mere 20M instead of 25M. And if his agent says Russ’s value should be measured in wins, I guess he means the rest of the team didn’t contribute much . . .

  • Bayview Herb

    Kind off risque dress for an abstainer.

    • art thiel

      It’s why Wilson asked for your prayers.

      • John M

        Well, Art, he sure has mine. Russ, I will pray that the, uh, stuff, doesn’t back up into your brain and say you should start throwing the ball to linebackers, or that you can put your head down and attack people like that Suggs guy. I know now, Russ, you need God’s protection . . .

        • art thiel

          Does extra stuff mean $25M a year, too?

          • John M

            Art, different categories. Personally, I think A. Rodgers should make a little more than him. As it is, 20M could (probably?) mean we lose somebody we need to keep . . .

      • Bayview Herb

        Good answer. Maybe it would help if she dressed down. I’ve never met a charismatic Christian that showed that much stuff.

  • notaboomer

    what if god tells wilson to have a 3 way with ciara and justin bieber? awkward.

    • dingle

      That would be a most vindictive and unjust god indeed.

      I’d change religions.

  • Bayview Herb

    The only time in my whole life I practiced abstinence was when I couldn’t find a willing female.

    • art thiel

      I’m sure those days were few.

  • Effzee

    Gross. Hey Russ… I want to like you. I want to think you’re smart. Talking about the Jebus stuff less would help. Thanks.

    • art thiel

      Even a few Christians weren’t thrilled with his disclosures.

  • notaboomer
  • Donthe Gasman

    To be quite honest, I really couldn’t care less about Wilson’s sex life (or lack of).