BY Art Thiel 10:32AM 08/12/2015

In latest TV frolic, Lynch has fun with SB play

The play destined never to be forgotten by any creature who bore witness — dogs and cats are people too, you know — gets an amusing makeover with Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch as the star in the premier episode of The League on FX this season.

In the scene, Lynch insists on walking over a beer to a beach bro, only to have another beach bro throw it, with disastrous results.

Turns out the show’s executive co-producers, Jackie and Jeff Shaffer, are Seahawks fans who show an above-average ability to get over their football grief.

“We are Seahawks season ticket-holders and we had so much fun having Marshawn on last year that we had to do it again,” Jackie and Jeff Schaffer told Entertainment Weekly. “If the Seahawks had won the Super Bowl, it was going to be a parody of the ‘I’m going to Disney World!’ ads.

“As you may have heard, that did not happen. So after we cried ourselves to sleep for the next month, we knew what the scene had to be about . . . ”


  • 1coolguy

    Tellin it like it is – great cliip. Hope Pete and Darrell see it.

  • Its onlySports(DavidWakefield)

    Now if they can only get Pete to run a parody…. all of the 12s screaming “Run it! Run it!” Their lips moving to slow motion as they form their Rs and then the anguished look on the coaches faces as they defy the 12s pleas and they botch SB49….then it cuts away to Pete dealing with it a week later scaling some high Mongolian mountain to the Gurus cave only to be told next time Run it , Pete…. that is the secret to life.He runs out sweating.

    On the way back to the airport in the taxi he stares at the radio as RunDMC is singing some imaginary tune called Run it Carroll run it! Pete retorts”Is this a dream?”He has dozed off and He is asked to participate (run) in a charity marathon …run some errands …become a used car salesman to sell some runners. Back home He hasn’t slept for days…late night he stares at the TV watching the Road runner run on and on and on…..Pete Carroll runs amok to his shrinks couch where he runs out his emotions as the Psych has this pitiful look on her face and a 12s shirt stretched across her petite body.
    “Let me run this out to you~The gurus right Pete” she says. “Next time you use that gift that Buffalo bestowed you.Let ML run it!” and with that the sound of a old time projector “running out” of tape interrupts and cuts away from the scene.
    Lights go on and Pete looks at all of the FX execs and simply says “Hell no! That’s the last time I watch that.”
    Pete has done some quirky things. Maybe he is brave enough to match Marshawn on this. I think it might make Beast laugh a little harder after his offering.

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