BY SPNW Staff 08:39PM 08/17/2015

Game recap: Rangers 4, Mariners 3


Yet another loss by one run, the 21st this season, came to the Mariners in Arlington in a most lame way — a bases-loaded, walk-off walk to ex-Mariner Adrian Beltre by Fernando Rodney for a 4-3 defeat to the Texas Rangers (box score) on a 97-degree Monday evening. The Mariners had mostly solid pitching but no answer for Beltre, who drove in the Rangers’ first two runs with doubles before strolling to the game-winner.Essential moment

Leading off the ninth, Ryan Strausborger pushed a bunt past Rodney. DeLino DeShields was safe when his attempted sac bunt went for a single after 3B Kyle Seager hesitated before throwing to first. Rodney hit Shin-soo Choo with a pitch to load the bases. After striking out Prince Fielder, Rodney fell behind Beltre 3-0,  threw a strike, then walked in the winner without a Rangers ball going beyond 80 feet.


Against Texas ace Cole Hamels in the fourth, Franklin Gutierrez drove in a run with a single that scored Seager, who tied the game at 2 in the fifth with a single that scored Mike Zunino. In the seventh, rookie Ketel Marte dropped in a single to tie at 3.

But the chance to go ahead thereafter was thwarted when Seager sent a liner to right field,  where Choo, another ex-Mariner, caught it and fired a strike to the plate get Logan Morrsion for a double play to end the inning.


Taijuan Walker was busy but solid, lasting 96 pitches over six innings, giving up three runs and 10 hits, walking one and striking out three.

Edgar Olmos came on to make his Seattle debut a good one, pitching 1.2 innings and allowing one hit. In the seventh inning, he hit Prince Fielder with a pitch, but induced Beltre into a double-play grounder — the only out Beltre made.


“Command? Yeah, he walked a guy and hit a guy. I’d say it was command.” — Manager Lloyd MClendon on Rodney.


The walk-off loss via walk was the first by the Mariners since Aug. 30, 2007, when Rick White lost Cleveland’s Kenny Lofton for a 6-5 defeat . . . After a setback, reliever Charlie Furbush returned to Seattle to see doctors after soreness remained in his left biceps following a bullpen session. He’s been on the disabled list since July 9. “His bullpen did not go well,” McClendon told reporters Sunday. “It just didn’t get any better. He’s hit a block in the road, so to speak.”


The series’ second game at 5 p.m. PT Tuesday has Hisashi Iwakuma (4-2, 3.86 ERA) making his first appearance since his no-hitter against Baltimore at Safeco Wednesday,  facing the Rangers Chi Chi Gonzalez (2-4, 4.22).


  • dingle

    Can someone explain to me why Fernando Rodney is even allowed to so much as touch a baseball any time after the 7th inning?

    • Effzee

      No. Nobody can explain this. It is unexplainable.

    • Lodowick

      The bizarre thing is how absolutely lost he looks on the mound. It looks like he’s begging his balls to go over the plate and not get hit….actually, that last line didn’t come out exactly as I thought it up, but whatever. He’s praying. Really hard. Can’t send that message to the fans or your teammates. Must toughen up. Fire it in there. If they crush it, so be it. No one else to turn to? Really? There’s nobody else out there? Somebody they can get who will clear waivers? Hey! What about Mark Lowe!!?

      • Rj Smith

        When that idiot Trader Jack Z moved Brandon Maurer for Seth Smith, it signaled the beginning of the end. He was lights out last year after they finally figured out he was only good for an inning or 2. So of course he gets moved for a less than average fielding OF with an average bat & no speed. Great move, it left a gaping hole in the bullpen. Sadly Trader Jack Z will probably be back next season.

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  • 1coolguy

    The fact that Rodney wasn’t traded before the season started just shows what a joke JZ is. Anyone watching last season saw he was losing it and had hit his peak. That he is on the team is a direct knock on JZ.

  • Rj Smith

    Trader Jack Z & Lloyd McMuffin need to be fired before the next game. Lloyd needs to be fired for the simple fact that continues to just blatantly give wins away by bringing the sideways hat clown into close games. Seriously, if that idiot had not blown those 8 or 9 games so far, they would be at least mediocre. Trader Jack needs to go for bringing Rodney here in the first place after the Rays let him go. Did trader Jack not watch him implode during the 2013 postseason, just like now? What about all the other stellar acquisitions? It’s like these guys that GET PAID to watch baseball don’t actually watch baseball. It’s hilarious, one awful player after the next. It’s unreal. Way back after that stellar home stand where they lost 9 of 11, I predicted they would not reach .500 again & finish in the basement. I’m tired of being right.

    • Effzee

      … and what difference will it make if JZ and Lloyd are fired? whatever replacements Howard finds will just be different versions of these same dudes.

  • Bayview Herb

    My prediction is that before the end of this season, both Fernando and his manager will be fired. This guy reminds me of the reliever we had back in the base throwing days when I think his name was Alaya, couldn’t pitch at all but remained on the team.